Retrieving medical records is challenging, time-consuming and expensive process when done in-house.

Outsourcing medical record retrieval to third-party specialist can free up law firm staff’s time, reduce cost, and give them the ability to focus on more important work. Telegenisys is a company that specializes in helping law firms acquire medical records quickly and efficiently to reduce costs.

About us

Telegenisys is an ISO-certified Business Process Outsourcing provider which provides reliable, cost-effective, and HIPAA compliant solutions for its client’s needs. We aim to be an extension of our client’s enterprise, focused on co-sourcing to generate client success. Our operation center is committed to delivering world-class performance.

Telegenisys has submitted and proven compliance with quality standards and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. It has also submitted to security procedure audits and is ISO 27001:2005 certified. Third-party HIPAA audit further assures delivery to the highest privacy standards in the world. These efforts demonstrate our ability to deliver data security and adherence to quality standards.

We specialize in healthcare services such as medical chronology, medical summaries, and medical record retrieval. Other services we provide include contact discovery, lead generation, appointment setting, customer support, technical support, GIS support, traffic analytics.

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