Trousers are pants, although when people speak of men’s outfits, the old word “trousers.” It is probably because high fashion was ready in the Old World and Americans lack any of the massive developments in Europe as it has only been a country for a pretty short time. If you are in a tuxedo rental place and you may jumble by the friendly clerks’ words, they probably use different language for the same things. It is no reason to get your face in a horde; learn that in style, people like to be particular about which item of clothing you are referring to it. It prevents confusion but often will make the fashion connoisseur feel like a billion bucks. It is usually happily welcomed as, contrary to popular belief, several fashion people make little money.

Chinos are a sturdy candidate in the competition for ‘most versatile item in a male’s wardrobe.’ If made from a sturdy material, a pair of the classic Mens fitted 110 TROUSERS can see you through every season. The versatility also means you can wear them to occasions both formal and informal.

Whether you are a long-time chino lover or new to the trend, consider the following tips on styling the clothing staple.


Chinos are a comfortable, professional option of Mens fitted 110 TROUSERS. Choose delicate tones like classic desert yellows or your new favorite, blood-red, to change from your regular jeans or black trousers. If your workplace and job role are laid-back, team the men trousers with a T-shirt or casual jumper and on-trend sailor shoes. For a more innovative look, select a short or long-sleeved standard shirt with buttons. These are aiming for the geek-chic look would tuck the shirt in and perfect the face with an antique leather belt and brogues. Some other hip ideas are to pitch a cardigan over your shirt and finish off the appearance with a bow tie or a scarf. Not several will be brave enough to wear a trilby cap, but those turn to Pete Doherty for encouragement.

Nights Out

The perfect choice for a night out, chinos are comfy sufficient for hours of dancing and other merriment, however brilliant enough to smash any clothing code-abiding bouncer. You can wear the trousers with a graphic T-shirt and coaches for casual live music nights or humor shows, or pair the collective with smart leather shoes for firmer venues. You can throw on a military-inspired jacket to have you warm.

Casual Occasions

Casual chinos are beating for slouching around in. The material provides a way to move, and the natural fibers of the cloth let your skin breathe. You can wear the wardrobe classic on walks and picnics, mid-length hikes. You have to be sure to wear layers as a T-shirt and a couple of light sweatshirts or woolens jumpers that you can strip down as and when necessary, according to the weather.

The men’s trousers are great for any weekend outing, and you can wear them with simple T-shirts, plimsolls or trainers and your favorite athlete, vintage or new. The easiness of chinos means you can get away with wearing patterns.