As the winter approaches, everyone needs some knitwear to keep themselves warm and cosy. Today, several high-tech thermo-regulating fabrics are made to keep you away from the cold. The efficiency of these modern approaches might be greater but the style is just not it. Knitting is one of the ancient methods of clothing, which is why it has given rise to several different styles. Their prevalence in the 21st century is truly a thing of wonder and makes these winter clothing staples classics. 

When you go for knitted clothes, especially jumpers for men, there are a variety of choices that you can pick in style, yarn, and the weight of your fabric. Jumpers are an ultimate style statement that you can wear as a base layer against your skin, a mid-layer under a long coat or denim jacket, and even as serious outerwear.

#1 Crew neck jumpers

The most anodyne of all jumper styles is the crew neck knit. However, the same fact makes it the most versatile option for outerwear in the winters. It offers a simple design that can be worn with just about anything, such as with a suit or a blazer, or more casually, over a shirt or T-shirt. Crew neck jumpers are available in different weights, ranging from fine merino to chunky highland. They are the easiest choice to make when a man has to hurry for a winter dinner. 


#2 Fisherman’s knit

Fisherman’s knit is the hardiest of all men’s jumpers. The dense weave and close-fitting form of this eccentric style offer guaranteed protection in the harshest of winter days. Since these were originally designed for wear at sea, the fisherman’s knit, or otherwise known as Guernsey can be worn either way round. As a result, you will never struggle with dressing up in the dark. Moreover, any holes present on the jumper can be smoothly knitter over. This style of jumper is suitable for all types of occasions, such as a pub night with a group of your friends or a fancy dinner with your better half. 


#2 Roll neck

The birth of the roll neck, and its cousins, such as the mock neck and the funnel neck, are largely medieval. It was used as an undergarment for the knights, who required protection against chafing chainmail. Now, jumping forward half a millennia, the English playwright Noel Coward made rolls neck the most popular look in the 1920s. You can wear these cutting-edge jumpers with chinos to appear fashion-forward and stylish. 

#3 Cardigan 

Cardigans are not easy to manage and wear unless you’re a Mod enthusiast and completist in your fashion sense. This style was devised by the 7th Earl of Cardigan in the 19th century. The leaders and high-ranked officials wore these simple yet classy outerwear even on campaigns that took place in the Crimean war. You can pair a chunky cardigan with a shawl collar and enjoy a comforting and comfortable wardrobe staple. 


#4 V-neck jumper 

Many people start thinking about golf when they hear V-neck jumpers, but without any doubt, this knit style is one of the most versatile options available in the new-age market. While it is true that v-neck jumpers originate in gold attire, it is pretty wearable over a shirt and tie. Therefore, it is ideal for a casual business look. The next time you have an office dinner with the people from the top hierarchy, sport a v-neck jumper with stylish pants for an everlasting impression. 

Now that you know everything about jumpers, you can explore the Noir LDN jumper section for your next winter wardrobe collection.