There are numerous ways in which you can distantly manage Windows gadgets. Be that as it may, some of them need direct network connectivity to the remote gadgets. For instance, in the event that you have to install or refresh software distantly, you can execute it with PowerShell and a little help from a package director. What’s more, if your administration gadget and the remote PCs are altogether on a similar network. This is utilized for overseeing cell phones (iOS, Android) and while not giving the top to bottom lockdown of thousands of settings, it is cloud-based and more fit to an advanced work environment approach. By sccm training, on the other hand in the event that you have remote gadgets associated with the corporate intranet utilizing a VPN that is designed for ‘manage out’ situations.

Be that as it may, as 2020 witnessed numerous organizations move representatives to remote working, those without the correct framework set up not just attempted to give secure admittance to corporate assets, yet in addition to refresh and execute remote gadgets. Making custom arrangements utilizing PowerShell, package supervisors, or whatever other pre arranging solutions ring a bell, may be comfortable for little associations. Be that as it may, through scmm2016/2018 training, it’s not generally a decent choice when you have to scale out an endpoint management solution and have a huge IT group with blended ranges of abilities.

Simplified licensing and new name

In September 2020, at Ignite, Microsoft dispatched Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM). MEM is another brand for Microsoft’s undertaking framework configuration items. The thought was to present to Intune, Microsoft’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) arrangement, and SCCM (presently Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager) under the umbrella of one item title to promise clients that Microsoft wasn’t going to quit supporting SCCM. The move likewise lets associations which had SCCM co-deal with their Windows endpoints utilizing Intune through the cloud administration in MEM without extra licenses. Not exclusively are authorizing and branding streamlined, yet Microsoft plans to incorporate the organization experience of Intune and MECM. In mid 2020, Microsoft had effectively added cloud knowledge to some PC management highlights to utilize information and insight gathered from the cloud. Also, the incorporation among Intune and MECM is drawing ever nearer with each new delivery.

What is SCCM?

Rather than building a workstation or a server physically and separately, SCCM utilizes the formats to construct these frameworks pretty quickly. IT staff can make these layouts dependent on the rules outlaid and furthermore to meet the prerequisites of the association. On account of layout based establishment, associations can rely upon the consistency in the design for all the equipment systems all through the venture. 

Endpoint Manager

MEMs are handled by Intune and have never seen an on-premises server, or surely in the event that they’re co-handled by both SCCM and Intune. All of your gadgets in a single console that likewise gives admittance to different administrations that total the cutting edge gadget story, for example, Desktop Analytics, Windows Autopilot and the new Technology and Productivity scores. Neither Intune or SCCM are disappearing notwithstanding. Intune is as yet the cloud administration motor that deals with every one of your gadgets, though with another console, once called as DMAC “Device Management Admin Console,” presently known as Endpoint Manager console. Furthermore, SCCM is the edge processing foundation of your MEM arrangement, handling data transmission over your WAN connections/Internet pipes and other on-premises undertakings. 

Co-administration for Configuration Manager customers over the Internet 

Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) allows associations to manage Configuration Manager customers over the Internet without the requirement for a VPN. Arrangement Manager was initially intended to oversee gadgets associated with a corporate intranet. In any case, as more representatives work distantly, Microsoft saw the requirement to stretch out Configuration Manager’s abilities to incorporate remote gadget management. Cloud Management Gateway is sent in the Azure cloud and it executes Windows gadgets that are connected to a Windows Server Active Directory (AD) space. By sccm online training, the tools linked to Windows Server AD utilise declarations to safely associate with the gateway. Windows 10 gadgets that are linked, or hybrid joined to Azure AD needn’t bother with a public key infrastructure(PKI) or certificates to interface with CMG. 

CMG, can play out the accompanying functions on endpoints:

  • Software distribution to the device
  • Inventory and customer status
  • Compliance settings
  • Software updates and endpoint protection
  • Windows 10 in-place upgrade task sequence

Also, associations can convey software to Windows 10 customers that are associated with domain to Azure AD. CMG doesn’t expect associations to arrange any extra on-premises framework or expose existing foundations to the Internet. 

Internet-based client management

By microsoft sccm course, associations that would prefer not to depend on Microsoft’s CMG administration can utilize Internet-based client management (IBCM) all things being equal. It includes sending Internet- confronting site framework servers, that remote customers can converse straightforwardly. IBCM needs extra interest in on-premises foundation, similar to a PKI framework to provision authentications for getting the correspondence channel. 

Cloud-only management utilising Microsoft Intune

At last, associations can utilize MDM to manage remote gadgets utilizing Intune. MDM doesn’t need any on-premises framework. Intune is contained for some Microsoft 365 memberships, it is authorized as a feature of Microsoft Endpoint Manager for Windows gadgets just, and it tends to be purchased as an independent service. Intune’s Policy Analyzer, that is presently in preview, assists associations with eliminating Group Policy settings which could be transferred over to MDM. Eliminating unnecessary Group Policy settings decreases dependence on-premises framework for gadget management and it can enhance logon execution. 

While Microsoft isn’t wanting to murder off Configuration Manager, it would lean toward you utilize its Intune administration to oversee gadgets. In case you’re a little association, Intune is simpler to begin with and it is less mind boggling to manage on the grounds that it doesn’t need complex on-premises foundation. Besides, Configuration Manager needs a range of abilities that may just be accessible to bigger businesses. Microsoft Intune, or other MDM administration, is a decent beginning platform for distant administration on the off chance that you are searching for an endpoint management arrangement and don’t have a current item. Custom solutions, as PowerShell prearranging, still expect you to set up some framework to give the important organization availability between the board workstations and remote gadgets. And keeping in mind that Intune causes a month to month charge, it’s simpler to utilize and more helpful than sending a custom arrangement.


Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a fascinating interpretation of carrying the force of cloud computing to SCCM and furthermore bringing Intune, SCCM and servicenow much closer together. Microsoft Intune or the MDM administration are regularly a solid reference for remote administration, if a client is attempting to discover an Endpoint management arrangement and doesn’t have the product they have.