Mobile app Analytics helps you to understand the behavior of the user thoroughly as well as the app optimization procedure in a very simple way. So, it becomes mandatory for a developer to completely understand the mobile app analytics to track the progression of the work.

Whenever a marketer thinks about engaging the potential app users in the most relevant way in a minimum possible time then app engagement is very necessary.

An effective strategy, accurate measure, analysis, and optimization is required for mobile app analytics.

So, let’s start this article by knowing about a few basics….


What is Mobile App Analytics?


Mobile app analytics can be defined as various data sources captured from the websites, mobile apps, as well as web apps to know the detailed report of the various app’s performances. It is very beneficial in improving the conversion rate and offering the best mobile experiences.

An understanding of user behavior, performance of the app and website is very essential. Whenever any of the activities are done by the user such as installation of the mobile app, launching the app, tapping on the screen, user retention, events, and many more. Mobile analytics comes to mind.

Tracking and measuring any of the metrics such as how many visitors are coming to use your app? From where they belong? Either they are clicking on the links or going with the marketing campaign?

All these things can be known from mobile app analytics. This is not only used by the firms to measure and understand app usage. But as a powerful tool for the market and business research practices.

A few of the benefits provided by Mobile app analytics are mentioned below.

  • Making improvements in the effectiveness of various services and apps.
  • Measurement and analysis of the data generated by mobile platforms such as mobile sites.
  • Cross-channel marketing initiatives will no longer be a difficult task for users now.
  • Optimization of the mobile experience with a large group of people.
  • Enhancement in mobile user engagement and retention.

Why Mobile App Analytics is Important?


It is important for many reasons. With this, you can know all the genuine information about how the users are using the mobile app, their interaction with the mobile app, activities they are performing with those apps, and many more things.

Once you get to know all about the above-mentioned questions you can make various changes to your mobile app. Such as adding new features or making improvements in the old existing ones to make the user life more convenient. You can also remove the apps which you don’t want to use as you have not found them relevant.

According to the statistical reports in the year 2015 the Smartphone usage has dominated over desktop usage. The mobile has become one of the preferred portals globally to the internet.

Most of the time the customer spends on the mobile devices and in that among several mobile apps. With this companies get to know about their users, which apps are mostly used by them, what the users are looking at, and what are the changes app development companies can bring to attract more users.

But the competition is difficult; it’s not as easy as it seems to be. There are more than 7 billion apps in the mobile app store, billions of web apps and websites in existence. So, with these statistics companies are using Mobile App analytics tools to stand out in this competitive market by beating their competitors behind.


Mobile advertising is one of the major top edges offered by mobile analytical tools; almost 70 percent of digital advertising has been recorded in the past years. The main aim is the interaction of the customers with the advertisements and ultimately converting them into purchasing of the product and services.


Best practices for the Mobile App Analytics

  • You must have a clearer view of the user journey and how you are going to convince him or her to install the app to end up with the purchase. It is very essential to have a clear vision about the steps for tracking out the right events so that you will get to know what the users want. With this, you can optimize the funnel and can generate revenue easily.
  • Focus on the measures that genuinely matter, not every metric or strategy you are putting is going to offer you fruitful results. So, performing a proper analysis experiment will surely benefit you in many of the cases.
  • When your app has been built and ready to launch in front of a large population, perform testing on various devices. This will help to know about the performance of the particular mobile app. If any of the changes are required to make it more magnificent the developer can do it. It results in customer satisfaction and reaching the targeted audience.
  • Implement an A/B testing method to check out the effects if any of the modifications are required from the user’s side. This will surely go to benefit you.
  • Learn the new techniques to improve your app so that it can grow more and be visualized by potential users. With the help of mobile app analytics, you can easily find new initiatives.
  • Industrial benchmark plays an important role and this will help you to know how your app is performing. It can be divided into the regional, platform, acquisition, and behavioral types. As for different mobile apps, the user behavior will also be different depending upon the role and functionality.


Winding Up

Before developing the app you need to invest your time to prepare a strategy for how you are going to implement and monitor these metrics in your work.

Make sure you are working with an experienced developer by monitoring the metrics with which you are gone to work with.

Mobile app analytics is the end of the story; you can know everything about your mobile app with the help of mobile app analytics tools.

How to use the particular app, how it works, what are the issues when it is unable to open, optimization process to make it perfect, all these things can be guided. So be attentive while implementing the metrics as they can give your app new dimensions and help you to reach your goals.