Tractors are one of the most important pieces of machinery in a farmers’ arsenal. It significantly reduces the physical effort that a farmer would have otherwise put in through manual labour and increases the capacity of work load that a farmer can execute efficiently. All of this translates to low manufacturing costs, better health and higher profits for the farmers. It is thus imperative that a farmer carefully weighs the pros and cons of any tractor model before making a purchase.

To aid farmers in this regard, and much more, Digitrac, a subsidiary of the famed Escorts Group has launched its Digitrac app – a one stop solution for the average Indian farmer. The app is deemed to be the best agricultural app, as it not only provides all kinds of relevant information a farmer may need, but also provides access to quality farming tools – all through the push of a few buttons.

Informative resources to empower farmers

1) If a farmer is looking to expand their farming to new territories, or needs expert advice on what may work best for their current land – Digitracs’ farm tagging feature has them covered. By using this, the farmer can receive important information such as:
a) The kind of soil in the area, its quality and what may grow well on it.
b) The usual weather in the region which in turn impacts important farming activities such as sowing seeds and harvesting crops.
c) Local pests and animal interferences to be weary of, and precautionary measures that one can take to ensure complete safety of the crops.

2) A well founded estimate of their current tractor price based on the most recent market trends. This analysis aids farmers in deciding whether to sell off their tractor or not. Additionally, it ensures farmers know the true price of their tractor and avoid being swindled by crooked buyers.

3) A constantly updated weather feature that brings accurate and most recent weather developments to the farmers’ notice and thus help in their decision making.

4) Mandi prices are an important piece of information for the average farmer. Mandis are the trading hub where farmers sell their produce to the buyers who in turn sell to us, the consumer. Thus, to ensure a prosperous livelihood, it is important that a farmer has access to the most recent mandi prices and decide on when to sell. Digitrac app provides exactly the same through the click of a few buttons.

5) To further disseminate information amongst farmers, Digitrac has also included an agri-blog on its app. This blog presents important facts on current farming practices in an easy-to-read and attractive way. The blogs are short, but detailed and straight to the point. Tackling important topics such as pest control, better sowing techniques, soil types and solutions to common farming issues – Digitrac has provided a unique resource for the empowerment of farmers with knowledge.

6) For any further doubts a farmer may have, Digitrac has provided an ‘Ask an expert’ feature that lets farmers quell any kind of queries they may have.

The Digitrac app also enlists its premium 50 & 60 HP tractors in a detailed way to help farmers choose best. These tractors come with a host of quality presale and post sale services that are sure to make a farmer feel more than welcome to the Digitrac family. They include aiding farmers personally in securing tractor loans and insurances, providing doorstep demos of a Digitrac tractor they like, guaranteed repair and servicing within 48 hours of request etc. To learn more about these awesome features, download the app now!