If you are short like me, finding outfits, colours and designs in womens clothing online that work well with my height can be tricky unless unstitched lawn suits are the only thing you are interested in . Obviously putting on any more inches is out of the question but what we can focus on is what to wear and especially what not to wear. If you ever feel that you look boxy or frumpy or just not quite right it is probably because you are wearing the wrong trends and styles which are not suited to your body type.

Dressing for your height comes down to a set of simple fashion rules and tips

Cropped into a Short Kurti Style

Instead of wearing tunic styled shirts try a cropped top. Crop tops help to elongate any look, is always trendy no matter what the season looks are and adds a certain dimension to your outfit. When you pair your crop tops  or short kurtis for women with high waisted pants or if you don’t like high waists then straight cut trousers, it gives your outfit a chic look without making it look baggy and over sized.


Loud prints and bold designs can overwhelm and small figure or a short height. Solid colours are definitely more flattering and if you stick with a single colour with accents here and there, it would look perfect. The monochromatic looks will create a vertical image and instantly create the illusion of height. The best colours to go for this look are dark colours which will make the wearer appear thinner thus increasing the illusion of height. Black dresses for women will be the first obvious choice since its the darkest colour around.

A monochromatic design is incorporated on a poplin top rendered in pearl white base and ornamented with embroidered black polka dots at front and sleeves. This minimal design is a sophisticated option for fashion forward women to style at variety of events.

Opt for Fit rather than loose cut

Don’t drown yourself in oversized shalwars, trousers, denims and dhoti style anything. Stick to wearing straight cut trousers, fitting denims anything straight-leg cut, it gives you the easy of baggy bottoms and look of form fitting lowers.

Loads of choices in stitched clothing. I will encourage you to peruse different online stores and you will definitely find something that suits your style and sensibilities.

Tailored separates rather that over sized layering

A chic two piece well tailored outfit looks good on any body type especially short heights. A short top with sleek pants or tailored culottes is a great option for people with shorter legs. Perfect outfits as casual dresses for women.

Vertical Yes Horizontal No

We all kind of know that wearing horizontal stripes give a widening illusion and vertical stripes an elongating illusion,  so that is something shorter girls should be mindful of.

Tailored Tops

Structured and tailored tops are a sure way of showing of those curves and not getting completely swallowed up by oversized looking pieces. They all don’t have to be super figure hugging , you will find choice pieces in modest dresses for women if you do make the time to go through loads and loads of many different styles now available by big brands

Short Rather Than Long hemlines

If you have a short hemline it will make your legs appear longer. Pairing that with high heels will drastically add to that affect, compared to long shirts that will make it seem as if you have no legs at all.

In a soft pink shade. this gracefully elegant yarn dyed shirt is enhanced with schiffli embroidery at front and sleeves opening. Portraying beautiful floral designs, this is an exquisite ready made clothing ensemble.