MPPSC Mains Exam

The Madhya Pradesh State Services Mains Examination consists of 6 question papers – GS1, GS2, GS3, GS4, General Hindi, and Essay Writing You will be given 2 hours for essay writing, and for the remaining papers you will be given 3 hours will be given

GS1, GS2, GS3, question papers are of 300 numbers and the papers of GS4, are of 200 numbers and General Hindi question papers are of 200 numbers, Essay writing question paper is 100 numbers if all the numbers are added. Then the total integer becomes 1400 numbers.

Below we have given information about preparing for MPPSC exam in a few easy steps, by following these steps, you will be able to prepare for Mppsc exam easily. So let’s start reading. Prepare Mppsc Mains Exam with Best MPPSC Coaching in Indore.

Some important points are given below, so please read them carefully

  • There will be 2 sections A and B in the first, second and third papers of general knowledge.
  • Each section will be of 150 digits.
  • An answer book will be provided for each section.
  • Each section will have 15 very short answers, 10 short answers and 3 essay questions.
  • The number of questions can be reduced or increased as needed.
  • There will be only one section in the fourth question paper.
  • The question paper will contain 15 short questions and 15 short level short commentary questions and one or two hair study-related questions will be there.
  • Short-form questions will be asked. The number of questions can be changed.
  • The first, second, third, and fourth questions of general knowledge will be in Hindi and English language.

MPPSC Mains Exam Syllabus

MPPSC main exam has a total of 6 question papers.

1. General Studies Paper – 1 (GS1)

  • History and culture
  • Geography
  • water management
  • Disaster and Disaster Management


History and Culture:

For the preparation of MPPSC main exam, you need to read the following chapter in history and culture, because only these questions are asked.

History of the world: In the history of the world, questions related to Renaissance, Treaty of England, Treaty of France, Industrial Revolution, Revolution of Russian, First and Second World War etc. are asked.

Indian History: In the history of India, you have to prepare the following chapter.

  • The political, economic and social history of India, from the Harappan civilization to the 10th century.
  • Mughals and their administration, emergence of mixed culture – political, economic, social history of middle India from 11th to 18th century.
  • Impact of British rule on Indian economy and society – reaction of Indians to British rule, revolt of peasants and tribals, first freedom movement and rebellion
  • Indian Renaissance – National Independence Movement and its leaders
  • The rise of India as a republic, the reorganization of states, the formation of Madhya Pradesh, the major developments after independence.
  • Indian Cultural Heritage with special reference to Madhya Pradesh – Various art from ancient times to modern times, World Heritage Site in India, Tourism in Madhya Pradesh. Prepare for MPPSC Mains Exam with MPPSC Coaching in Indore.

Geography :

To prepare for Madhya Pradesh State Service Examination, you need to read the following chapters in Geography.

  • Main Features / Characteristics of India and World Physical Geography
  • Distribution of major natural resources, agro-climatic zones and industries of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Information about India and Madhya Pradesh, tribes of Madhya Pradesh, specific reference to disaster affected tribes
  • Agricultural ecology and its relevance to humans, sustainable management and conservation
  • Major crops of the state, agricultural holding area and crop cycle, physical and social environment of production and distribution of crops.
  • Issues and challenges related to quality and supply of seeds and fertilizers, methods of farming, horticulture, poultry, dairy, fish and animal husbandry etc. in the state, problems related to agricultural production, transport, storage and marketing etc.


  • Physicochemical and biological properties of soil
  • The process of soil formation and the mineral and organic elements of the soil
  • Their contribution in maintaining the productivity of the land, essential vegetative nutrients and various beneficial elements in the soil and vegetation.
  • Problematic Soil and its Modification Methods, Soil Erosion and Degradation Problems in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Soil Conservation Planning on Watershed Basis.

Food Processing and Related Industries in India:

  • Possibilities and Importance,
  • Location determination,
  • Antecedent and forward-looking requirements of the industry,
  • Demand supply chain management
  • Land Reforms in India

Water management :

This is the shortest and most important topic, so it is necessary to read it well.

  • Groundwater and water storage management.
  • Water use and efficient irrigation system.
  • Drinking Water – Supply, Causes of Water Impurity and Management of Quality.