NetSuite is an Ecommerce software designed for the users from different fields and departments for example the sales department of any company or the finance department of a company to access customer information.

They can access it through a single record and thus it simply eliminates the data complexities and mismanagement. As we speak of privacy you need not to worry as it has end to end encryption.

So, because of that you don’t have to go through the trouble of connecting with the ERP or other E-commerce based applications. Speaking of the hybrid architectures that are getting more and more important.

We must develop a good plan for useful integration as it is very necessary for the companies that are using the NetSuite as well as the other applications that are purely SaaS based.

The NetSuite provides extremely powerful integrations for your E-commerce based business to make it successful like DHgate that will come quite handy for promoting and smooth working of your business.

Speaking of which some of the best integrations that are being offered by the NetSuite are Shopify and HubSpot.


Shopify is a simple and easy to use integration by the NetSuite that allows the client to create a good website as well as to add a shopping cart that allows to sell, purchase or manage the products very efficiently.

If you integrate it with the NetSuite the major benefit is the data organization as well as the data management. All of your data is collected and compiled in one place saving you from the hectic work of analysing and searching through data.

It allows you to look into your warehouse to see which product is currently available and which product is not. It also secures the data flow and invoicing creating safe environment for banking info of the customers.


Some say that the HubSpot is the best integration for your business promotion or for increasing your sales. The reason behind that is you can create your very own marketing campaign that suits your company.

HubSpot allows Ad management feature. It also provides the chatbot feature as well as Email Health Reporting.

NetSuite allows to combine itself with the third-party integration as it allows the Suite Connect that is a collection of the solutions allowing to integrate it with the hot and most demanded enterprise applications.

It could be integrated with the SAP, oracle and the Google apps allowing the business to promote within a short amount of time.

It is an open platform tool means it can be accessed or used by any person. It provides a service called the Cloud Hub that allows the users to move easily from one application to another application.

It is a fully cloud based system that not just saves your data from getting lost in case of any accident but also provides amazing security features like the multi-tenancy for the data flexibility, privacy as well as pay-as-you-grow pricing model.