LastOneNW just published an excellent video outlining a solid master New World Jewelcrafting Guide 1-50. The Jewelcrafting profession is a crafting one, used to make various trinkets. You can watch the New World Jewelcrafting Guide video on Gold4Vanilla’s Guides.

Hey everyone, welcome forward jewelcrafting leveling guide where I’ll be sharing with you today is what you need to do to quickly level your jewelcrafting from zero to 50 that is enough for you to start also crafting rings that you can equip on your secondary juice slot when you unlock it. So let’s start since our objective here is to reach level 50 we will need to accumulate 11,125 experience the station we’ll be using is the outfitting station and you will find the jewels under that trinket section being level zero the only jewel type that you can craft are the amulets rings are only available after level 50 earrings after level 100.

So you will see that every amulet uses the exact same crafting components, the only thing that changes between them is that gem they use the other components are one chain one gem settings and one precious metal wingert. The chains and the gem settings are also made at this same station under the crafting components section and just require precious metal to be made in our case here will be always using silver. Each amulet itself gives 192 experience but we need to also account for the experience that comes from the sub components it chain grunt to another 15 experience in each gem settings another 12 therefore, the total experience for each complete amulet is 219. So now order to get to level 50 we will need to craft 51 of them and for that we will need 51 chains that require 255 silver ingots or 1020 silver ores 51 gem settings that require 204 silver ingots or 816 silver ores, another 51 silver ingots that require 204 silver ores so you will need in total 510 silver ingots or 2040 silver ores in addition to that you will need at least one uncut floor gem and in order to cut the gem 51 times you will need 102 molds of the type that your gem had wires in order to be cut.

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