The ninja warriors are still believed to be the smartest warriors ever. They used quite smart tactics during wars and perhaps this is why they always emerged victorious from their wars with their enemies. Also, they were quite smart with their choice of weapons. They used quite a few weapons during wars. For instance, they used katana swords and ninja swords during wars as their primary fighting weapons. Also, they used a few secondary fighting weapons, such as ninja stars, kunai knives, nunchucks and bo staff, etc. Among all these weapons, the most spectacular is the ninja star.

A ninja star is a real ninja weapon and rightly associated with the great ninja warriors. It looks like a quite weird weapon but it has proved quite effective as a fighting and combat weapon. The ninja warriors let the world know that this is an incredible and badass weapon that can be handy in combat. There is much evidence that the ninja used it as one of their primary fighting weapons during their clashes with their enemies. However, it is still a quite weird weapon considering its shape and mechanism. Today, we are here with a detailed guide to the ninja star. Here is everything you have to know if you are a fan of the ninja and the ninja star!

The Real Ninja Warfare Weapon

There is a great list of ninja weapons available in the market these days. I can count almost hundreds of weapons but not all of them really belong to the ninja. The real ninja weapons include ninja sword, katana sword, kunai knife, ninja star, and a few others. Ninja star is easily the most spectacular knife among them. First of all, it has such a unique appearance and shape. It looks like a star and has a few edges on it. These edges make it a deadly fighting weapon. These edges can work as blades since they are sharp. There can be different numbers of edges ranging from 3 to 8. Ninja stars are known with several different names, including ninja throwing stars, throwing stars, and most importantly, shuriken.

A Tactical Fighting Weapon

Shuriken served as a tactical fighting weapon for the ninja warriors. It was not the primary fighting weapon for the ninja but was a secondary weapon. Anyway, it was extremely effective during wars. When the ninja took on their enemies, they threw these stars on them to distract them. With this distraction, they were able to take control of their enemies and defeated them quite easily. Also, they embedded these stars into the ground with their edges upwards. Those who stepped on these edges got severe injuries on their feet. Ninja stars were maiming weapons and could not kill. However, they were extremely effective as they caused severe injuries to their enemies. These tactics worked quite well for the ninja and they won many wars, thanks to these throwing stars as well.

The Modern Cospaly Weapon & Halloween Costume

In modern days, cosplay is as popular as some sports and entertainment shows. Many cosplayers who play the roles of the ninja on stage tend to dress up as the ninja. For this purpose, they wear ninja costumes and hold ninja weapons. The most popular ninja weapon in this regard is the shuriken. Cosplayers use it as their cosplay weapon when dressed up as a ninja. Also, on Halloween, those who want to look like the ninja often use ninja stars. If you have this iconic ninja weapon in your hand, there is nothing else you need to do to look like a ninja.

A Modern Self Defense Weapon

Ninja throwing stars are also being used as self defense weapons. These stars are quite deadly with those deadly edges on them. What makes them ideal for self defense is they can be used from a safe distance. So, if you have a few of these, you can stay at a good distance from the attacker and throw them on the attacker to injure his head. However, you need to do some target practice in order to gain perfection or throwing accuracy. Only then, these ninja stars would be effective self defense weapons!

A Decor Weapon & Collectible For Ninja Enthusiasts

A ninja star can be a perfect collectible for every ninja enthusiast. If you are a fan of the ninja warriors, you need to have a few in your collection. This is the only way you can call yourself a real ninja enthusiast, considering you have their iconic weapon in your arsenal. You can use ninja stars as pieces of decor as well. Simply place them in your display cabinets or hang them along the walls, showcasing your love and enthusiasm for the ninja and the ninja weapons!