One of the ridiculous claims made by the North Goa crowd is that “there is nothing to do in South Goa.” On the contrary, there isn’t much to do here besides drink beer, read books, and visit a few other beaches that all appear to be the same.

The opposite could not be further from the truth. 

I spent a year in South Goa, and the many experiences I had there were so intense and overwhelming that they changed me as a person. I’m back in a significant metropolis, and I’m missing South Goa. Anyway, I’m not going to be sad about it right now. All I want you to know is that South Goa is a treasure trove of experiences, and a week, ten days or even a month isn’t quite long enough to take in everything the region has to offer. I’ve compiled a short selection of the beautiful adventures that await you if you choose to spend your vacation in the South. Let’s get started with Bharat Taxi!

1. Relax at Agonda Bay

Agonda, South Goa’s most beautiful beach, has a bay on its northern end where the sea is a dazzling emerald green due to the rich green flora around it. It’s an excellent site for photos and provides a vantage point to trace the Agonda beach’s bend. The Bay Agonda is a hotel along with a pleasant terrace restaurant where you may enjoy a few beers while watching out over the bay.

2. Watch the sunset from the cliffs on the southern end of Agonda beach 

Low-lying hills line both sides of Agonda beach, one of the numerous features contributing to Agonda’s beauty. A circular slope and several rocks may be found at the beach’s southern end. Climb the cliffs as high as you can to catch a glimpse of the sunset over the Arabian Sea. Many aquatic organisms, such as clams, mollusks, and hermit crabs, live on the beach’s rocks. Some of the larger, rounded, flat stones are also ideal for doing yoga. Just be cautious when walking in slick areas.

3. Trek to Cola Beach 

You’ll see some rough stairs on the cliff at the northern end of Agonda, where the bay is. To go to Cola Beach, climb the steps and cross the bluff. Because the area is flat and there are dirt trails to guide you, the hike is simple. You’ll reach a vantage point along the trip where the view of the sea will steal your breath away.

4. Swim at the Cola Lagoon 

Take the trip or the bumpy road, but don’t forget to stop by Cola Beach! It includes a lovely, shallow lagoon that is perfect for swimming. After your swim, stop by the Blue Lagoon hut for a beer.

5. At the Cabo de Rama Fort, become aware of your smallness  

The Cabo de Rama Fort is a 19th-century Portuguese fort that has seen several wars throughout history. It is now a renowned tourist destination in South Goa. From the fort’s many vantage points, you can see the unending length and breadth of the sea, enormous cliffs with countless trees, waves pounding at the cliffs’ base, and the big, bright blue sky. The Cabo de Rama is massive in every way, including its banyan trees and meadows. The tree trunks are so massive that hugging them in a circle will take at least three adult humans. The grasses here are so tall that you could hide in them and play hide & seek. You’re in for another mind-boggling encounter with this one.

6. Visit the beach at Cabo de Rama  

The Cabo de Rama beach is near the Cabo de Rama Fort. Please inquire with a local about how to locate it. Getting to the seashore necessitates descending a hill’s rough carved steps. A tiny freshwater stream oozes into the sea on the beach, and it’s nice to wade in it.

7. Watch dolphins flip in and out of the water  

Did you know that South Goa boasts a healthy population of dolphins in the Arabian Sea? To see them, you don’t even need to get on a boat! If you have sea-view seats in the shack during the high season, you’ll be able to see dolphins flipping in and out of the ocean right from your seat. On the other hand, a boat journey will allow you to observe these stunning creatures up close.

8. Take a boat ride to South Goa’s secret beaches  

South Goa is a mysterious area. It boasts several hidden gems that only the locals and willing adventurers are aware of. The Honeymoon Beach and the Butterfly Beach (beaches, not islands; Google has them mixed up) are two. Because no roads are going to these beaches, they are difficult to reach by land. However, for a couple of thousand rupees or more, you may hire a boat wallah to take you out on the water to these hidden beaches. If you go at the correct time (it has to be a clear day), the boat wallahs will also show you dolphins along the trip. Of course, the best time is early in the morning.

9. Butterfly Beach Trek  

The boat ride to secluded beaches is enjoyable. But understand me when I say that you’ll want to come back and spend some more time here once you see Butterfly Beach. There isn’t a single structure on this little beach. It does, however, have a dense forest, a creek that emerges from the jungle, and two Butterfly wings-shaped hills as a backdrop. When there’s no one else around, it’s almost like having your private beach! The good news is that you may also reach this beach by taking a stroll through the forest. You will, however, require the assistance of someone who is familiar with the route and can prepare a map for you. The stroll isn’t long; it’ll just take you about 30 minutes. It’s not complicated; the ground is flat, but there may be some muck here and there, particularly after rain. Just beware of langoors, snakes, and the occasional scorpion:P (Trust me, if you don’t threaten them and leave them alone, they won’t hurt you.) P.S. Please remember to take your rubbish home with you. It should not be left on the beach.

10. Have a drink at Mayfair Hideaway Spa Resort’s pool  

Have you had your fill of the wild and are seeking a way to relax in luxury? The Mayfair Hideaway Spa Retreat is the ideal location for you to do so. I admire how they’ve cleverly attempted to hide all of the concrete construction with plants and bushes. The pool, on the other hand, is the most excellent aspect of the place. Check out the photos below!

11. Shop for items in Palolem 

Even during peak season, you may not find many people on Agonda beach. Head over to Palolem if the absence of people becomes too much for you. It’s one of South Goa’s most popular beaches, with plenty of places to dine and buy. Shop for presents for friends and family back home while you’re here, but practice your bartering abilities first!

12. Dine at Magic Italy for an authentic Italian supper 

– WARNING – The food they provide is incredibly addictive, and when you get home from your vacation and see what Dominos and Pizza Hut have to offer, you’ll weep. Magic Italy is an authentic Italian restaurant in Palolem. The aroma of cooked dough and oregano hits you as soon as you enter. Everything they offer is terrific, whether it’s pizzas, pasta, or salads. The Tiramisu is to die for, and you should not pass it up. Even in the off-season, the place gets jam-packed, so arrive early for supper or reserve a table with them.

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