Remember the way you saw life when you were a kid? Many of us get too lost and stressed with our daily schedules to think about how our childhoods were, but let’s do a quick exercise. How many times did you get lost in fantasy worlds when you were a small child? Do you remember what those dreams were? Do you remember what games you played in that fantasy world you created for yourself? How many times did you make a tent in the middle of the room and bring pots and pans from the kitchen for your play pretend games? All of those questions have answers and, in case you forgot, you can just ask your children. I’ll bet you anything that there is something that occupies your child’s mind just like it occupied yours when you were their age.

Now, thinking back on it, you probably had to use whatever you found around the house to bring your imagination to life. That wasn’t probably always an option, and maybe your parents found it stressful to know that you were playing with forks or, God forbid, knives before your 7th birthday. Back in those days, we made do with what we could put our hands on. There weren’t as many options as now, or they weren’t accessible for our families. Things have changed nowadays, and we all have the possibility to bring our children’s fantasies to life. Whether we embark on an exciting DIY project or get a contractor to implement whatever our children want, the moment you’ll see what a playroom can become, you’ll want to be a child all over again. Just don’t quit your job yet, at least until the project is finished. You’ll probably need the funds. So buckle up as we go over the most imaginative and inspiring playroom themes.

Into the Wild

A wilderness-themed playroom will be perfect for the nature enthusiast who’s always marveling at the height of trees, the beauty of nature, and the spark of discovery. Some of the best things to implement in such a room are fake trees that lead to a ceiling hanging swing, a tent, or, why not, a treehouse. You can find inspiration for the Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Jumanji, or Mowgli. Paint the walls like the outside world with trees, blue skies, clouds, and birds and bring the natural world inside this room. Your adventurous children will love this. Make sure the books mentioned and many others are available on hand for storytime.

Jurassic Park

Whether it’s a T-Rex, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, or the vicious Velociraptor, if your child is passionate about the ancient creatures that are unable to walk on earth anymore, bringing them in their playroom will inspire this curiosity in them. Trips to Natural History museums are a must, but their playroom could match the theme. Get a whole wall, or why not the entire room, covered in a Jurrasic-themed wallpaper, and you’re halfway there. While creating a 3D dinosaur as a focal point in the room might not be as easy to do, a jungle hut is more feasible. Add a few Jurassic looking plants, and your child will also learn the importance of plants in an environment.

Hogwarts Castle

Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin are all Hogwarts houses color schemes that are just perfect for applying in children’s playrooms. You can even take some inspiration from the houses’ common rooms. Dark and gloomy for Slytherin, lively and warm for Gryffindor, smart and elegant for Ravenclaw, and bubbly and packed with treats (healthy ones) for Hufflepuff. If this room doubles as a bedroom, you must include a four-poster bed with thick curtains and a large trunk that can double as bookcases for the Harry Potter series and plenty of other books or wardrobes. Or, even better, DIY an existing dresser with drawers to look like trunks stacked on top of each other. A different color for each drawer, and you can include all four houses.

Princess Tower

It doesn’t matter which princess is your child’s favorite because you can include all of them. Due to the popularity of this theme, finding everything with each Disney and non-Disney princess will be incredibly easy. A quick online search will open up Pandora’s box of princess items, from Christmas decorations to wallpapers and furniture. The color scheme does not have to be limited to pink, and you can also include princes and kings. Blues, yellows, greens are all acceptable colors, and nothing can make your child feel more comfortable than gender-neutral colors. Paint some princesses and prices on the walls, add the incredibly helpful forest animals, and your child will enjoy their tea parties in a setting that doesn’t hinder their imagination.

Space Rocket Ship

For a child that has found an increased level of fascination with the unknown world that is lightyears away from our tiny little planet, a space or rocket ship-themed playroom will be incredible. There are no boundaries to the universe, just as there should be no boundaries to your child’s imagination. Create the universe in their playroom, and they’ll aim for the stars when they grow up. While a painted rocket ship or space station would be great, creating one from wood panels and a lot of creativity would take their playroom to a whole new level. Paint the walls a dark midnight blue and add constellations. If your budget allows, decorate this room in the attic, buy a telescope and see how many of these constellations your child will be able to find.


We focused on the most common options to give you an idea of where this journey can take you and your children. Don’t let these few options limit your imagination. If your child finds passion in anything else, rocket ship access to plenty of ideas to implement with a few Pinterest searches. The playroom theme should match your child’s imagination.

Albert Einstein said once, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” Based on this quote, nurturing your child’s imagination will only inspire them to grow into fantastic problem solvers that don’t let society’s limitations hinder their growth. A creative child from today will change the world of tomorrow. So let them spread their wings and give them all the tools necessary to fly higher than you ever could.