Enterprise Edition vs. Community Edition

This article will give you an insight on the two most well-known online marketing systems Odoo Community and Enterprise. Both are basic, free versions of Odoo designed to assist companies with e-commerce. However the Enterprise version comes with many additional features that make it more efficient than the Community version. What are the differences between the two systems? What do you need to be aware of before deciding on one of these systems?

When compared to the Community version Enterprise version offers a number of advantages, particularly for businesses with a larger number of employees. The main benefit to having the Enterprise version is that it comes with tools for HR, Customer Management and HR administration that can be customized to suit the requirements of the business. The system also includes Social Media and Content Management tools that can be utilized to improve the management of social media activities and content.

Enterprise version is also available with advanced features including integrated Google Maps, Google Analytics, and Gmail. It is packed with features that make it much easier for social media-related campaigns to be executed. These include community forums and user groups which are extremely useful in increasing traffic to an organization’s website. The main benefit of using the Enterprise version is that it offers unlimited functional support. The Enterprise edition comes with more features and functions than the Community edition. The license cost is a fraction of the Community edition.

The biggest disadvantage of odoo Enterprise edition’s limited functionality isn’t its shortcomings. The main drawback stems due to the fact that it lacks the ability to automate most of the processes required to run an enterprise. It does not have complete social media management tools. It is not as appealing to smaller businesses because of its lack of functional support, and the limitations on the number licenses. Also, it lacks the features that make it attractive to large-scale organizations. This is why large corporations use the community version.

Another disadvantage of using odoo is that it includes an application called Enterprise Manager, which is required to deploy enterprise applications. The application may be downloaded at no cost, but Enterprise Manager can be installed only with the purchase of a premium version. The application is very complex, and this may deter small-sized businesses from using it to deploy their systems. The users of Enterprise Manager find it difficult to manage their systems within their companies, as it has a variety of complex features. Enterprise Manager users may be hesitant to upgrade to an upgrade to a paid version, particularly if they don’t have sufficient expertise in computer software.

The third issue with using community edition is that it doesn’t have the features of an enterprise version, such as Google Maps and automated social media marketing, and so on. However the open source edition comes with these modules. These modules are extremely useful for businesses who wish to broaden their business reach, and also want to adopt the latest developments in marketing online. The modules in the open source version of odoo offer a clear advantage to companies who use it for these functions.

The version for community use of odoo has a few other drawbacks, but they’re not as widespread as the ones mentioned above. One of them is that it is not compatible with Microsoft ERP. MMC (Microsoft customer relation management) and MRM(multi-tier product administration) are some ERP modules that are available in the enterprise edition. These modules cannot be used with Odoo’s enterprise edition ERP in the case of the community edition.

Enterprise resource planning software has been utilized by small businesses for over five years now and continues to gain popularity. The popularity of the enterprise edition can be in part due to the lucrative terms of licensing. Despite its numerous features, the open-source version was less popular on the market. So is there a valid reason to choose the free version of odoo ERP software odoo crm community vs enterprise for small companies? Experts agree that the answer is “No”.