It is no secret that festivities and big celebrations around the world have not had it easy in recent times. It’s no surprise that Dirndl dresses did not get the spotlight that is due to them. So, let’s make it happen together, shall we? We at Lederhosen Store have come up with some nifty suggestions for the gorgeous you!

Dirndl dresses and summer sunshine have a long history that goes back centuries. Dirndls were fairly recently linked to the Oktoberfest, while the Dirndls have been in use for ages. Oktoberfest Dirndl for summer parties is an idea to die for! 

So, what is a Dirndl

Traditional Dirndl

A traditional Dirndl consists of a wide skirt attached to the “Leiberl”, a fitted bodice, a stunning apron, and a short Dirndl blouse. The skirt of the Dirndl cascade down from the waist or sometimes a bit lower. The length of a Dirndl is subjective to your personal preference and also to the latest fashion trends. 

The bodice used to be a separate part of the ensemble, but it was later incorporated and sewn to the skirt. The bodice comes in multiple designs, higher or lower, with a square or round neckline. The dress is fastened with buttons, laces, ribbons and hooks. 

History and Dirndl

So, what are Dirndls? The Dirndls were initially designed as workwear for the Bavarian maids and farm-helpers. The practicality and chic factor of the garment made it popular with the Bavarian nobility, and the rest is, as they say, is history. Inspired by the popularity of Lederhosen among men, the noblewomen began to incorporate the Dirndls in their outdoor and social activities. 

The Dirndl dress went through significant modifications in the early 1900s. The dress was redesigned to fit it more comfortably with the city life. The current form of Dirndl dress is the modern take on the traditional garment. 

So, how did the traditional Dirndl met with modernity? 

Retro Dirndl Costume

Light, gorgeous and summer hit, our eternal love for high-necked Dirndl designs offers graceful products. Some of our products at Lederhosen Store revive the elegant and timeless summer dresses of the 50s. 

The retro trends are anything but old; the vintage Dirndl cuts and designs are artistically infused into the modern Dirndls of our collection at Lederhosen Store. Our retro Dirndls create a unique link between the beautiful designs of yesterday and the modern innovative cuts of today. 

Dirndl Shoes – A Test of Quality & Comfort

A lovely Dirndl deserves an even more lovely and comfortable pair of shoes – to complete your gorgeous Oktoberfest Dirndl look. 

Your feet will receive most of the brunt while you mingle in Oktoberfest or any other summer party. It is highly recommended to buy a quality pair of Dirndl shoes. You can choose from various types of shoes that will go well with a Dirndl. 

Pumps – The evergreen classic! Trachten pumps are perfect for an elegant Dirndl look at a wedding, summer party or Oktoberfest itself. Pumps give you the confidence and class that Dirndls beams with. They are a feminine option that is enticing at the same time. 

Sneakers – Get yourself some flat sneakers for that trendy Dirndl look. They are available in cotton, viscose and also in linen. Modish design and lacework patterns or simple yet stylish colors are a complete package for your Summer Dirndl dress. As always, comfort comes first, sneaker, a true companion for those long summer parties. 

Haferl shoes – Why should men have all the fun, right? Treat yourself to some classic Haferl shoes and wear them with your female Lederhosen or your summer Dirndl. Pair them with some authentic Bavarian socks, and voila! Haferl shoes are easily available in women sizes too. 

So, sway your way in some amazing and comfortable Dirndl shoes and have a blast at your Dirndl summer party.