Blogging is one of the most distinctive & successful careers in the online market. The popularity of the platform increased many times since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world. The dynamics of work changed drastically. People are now captured inside their homes for work purposes and the concept of ‘work-from-home has established its grounds deep into society.

So, if people across the world have to stay inside their homes for the majority of the time & they are getting internet availability all the time, surely they will make something out of it. Thus, blogging spread widely as a surefire career for those who are passionate about writing.

A successful blogging career is one that has high-quality content and a great audience. Once a loyal audience is established it provides the base for the greater popularity of the blog. Then bloggers have to start thinking about building a successful career out of it by making money. For this purpose, there are numerous ways which can financially scale up the blog,: including Digital Marketing opportunities, SEO services, Cloud base development, and Guest posting.

Guest posting is the easiest among them for beginners. If you have a great passion for writing & are planning to take blogging as a full-time career then Guest Blogging could come to help.

Blogging isn’t just about writing great content & posting them on your website. Because once a bunch of specific niche readers starts visiting your blog, the traffic will not increase by itself. You have to be agile & active for your blog to grow. For that beginners have to plan their growth strategy by noting other essential things as well. For example, one group of readers would be interested in reading your specific field of writing, but for gaining a diverse range of readers you must aim for two significant goals:

  • Diversify your niche to explore your writing
  • Try Guest Blogging


Let’s dive into the description of Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging/ guest posting is referred to the process of sharing rich quality informative content on any other blog/business. This creates a link between the two websites and helps them both in growing technically. How? Let’s see:

Guest blogging develops a symbiotic relationship between the host and the writer. The host gains rich content for their website which may prove to be fresh & informative to their audience, and the writer gains popularity and exposure by getting perspective of a new niche.

The writer’s blog is exposed to a wider and different type of audience. Their writing skill is tested constantly which motivates them to create richer content.

The main reason why guest blogging is adopted these days is its ability to drive traffic back to the writer’s website-called referral traffic. The audience could be gained through the process of backlinking and relationship building. Reading a new writer’s post & being able to connect with it makes people curious. Those who are avid readers or even those who are in search of information might get curious to read more blogs of the same niche. It gives exposure and a wider perspective to the budding writers.

Thus, guest blogging is a win-win situation for both parties involved.



These are some of the features of Guest Blogging but they will be helpful only and if the writers follow the correct procedure. The beginners should not jump into new methods for enhancing their careers without making a proper strategy. This takes us to the next section of planning out the game before playing it.

Blueprint for Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is a very easy method these days due to the availability of the internet and social media reach. Bloggers have a wide range of topics to research. For this, they need various platforms to reach out & make an identity of themselves. Thus, these types of bloggers/websites could be easily traced.

Guest blogging is a step-by-step process and here is a descriptive guide to follow those steps:

  1. Research about genuine websites which offer guest posting- Guest posting is offered by many blogs as a co-marketing strategy. Hence, the plan is to research such websites. But they have to be genuine and authentic, and ready to take your post for publishing. Many spam websites have private networks & dropped domains. It’s the writer’s job to conduct research beforehand and not fall into the trap of this type of website. These websites offer guest blogging to accept low-quality poor content and generate spam backlinks. Their only motive is to generate traffic anyhow.


  1. Know your reason for Guest Posting- after you decide to accept guest blogging offers and check out the best guest posting website for the same, it is essential to think about why you want to do guest posting for someone else. Is it for money? Is it for getting traffic at your own blog? Or is the reason something else?

 For building a successful blogging career in the long run budding writers must diversify their overall perspective. As in;

  • they should explore the fields other than their favorite ones from time to time,
  • they should not only keep their consistent audience satisfied by regular content but also create rich content to attract new readers,
  • they should consider money without compromising the spirit of their blog
  • And lastly, their efforts should be on acquiring more knowledge every day to enhance their skill.

So when you find your reason for guest blogging by considering the aforementioned points, you may proceed further. Remember that your goal as a writer should not just be gaining an audience through promotion but for enhancing your own skill and building relationships for the long run.

By this, comes the next step.

  1. Look for the genuineness of the website you have selected- once you select a host website, then consider a few things before sending your post to them.
    • Check whether their google rank is good then automatically their authority and trust would be high
    • Check whether their SEO services are optimum, i.e. the process of generating leads, backlinks, no low authority external links, etc.
    • Check whether the host offers a user-friendly mobile interface for their website
    • Check whether the host is active on social media because it will help you in responding and connecting with them
    • Check the kind of content they post for their audience.
    • Check for high DA and PA
    • Check out other guest posts that are present on the website.
    • Check the spam score of the website as well as their Moz ranking


  1. Know that it is not about you- once you are done with all the above steps then it is important to read out the content that is offered by the host website. Always remember that you are posting there as a guest for their audience. That’s why your content should be able to appeal to and connect with its audience. You should be able to captivate their minds with your skill to engage them on your personal blog later. That’s why your content doesn’t have to sound promotional, instead, it should be


  1. Build a precise ‘Author Description’- your audience should know where they are going to land when they reach your blog. So, create an informative yet impressive bio about yourself to appeal to your audience. Make sure to build a friendly relation with the host.


  1. Pitch your post nobody wants a direct request landing on their mail/message, thus, keep in mind to be impressive when pitching your post to the host website.

Readout their content read about their credibility and their activeness on other platforms. Either request about guest blogging to the websites or look out for blogs that can offer guest blogging to you. Make sure that you not only comply with their writing styles/formatting and editing but also bring your gentle touch also, into the content.

Reach out to them in a personalized way but don’t get personal. Also, you don’t appear genuine if you directly request them about guest blogging. Firstly, praise their work and try to connect with them on various social media. Then pitch your ideas to them about guest posting. Send them your superb content which matches their niche, for proof.

You don’t have to sound desperate or irritable, just be polite & easy-going. Tell them what is in store for them if they approve of the deal. Show them the benefits of getting a relevant audience and high-quality content.



Execution of the strategy:

Once you’re fluent in predicting your growth, you will learn the dynamics of High-quality Guest Blogging easily.

Think of your efforts as a value-addition to your audience, not as an advertisement or promotion. Your post should be educational/informative to the new audience of the host website.

If the topic is relevant to your blog, then surely, you can subtly feature your blog too. Always understand the difference between selling yourself and offering a good read.

Build genuine relationships with the host that would help in the long run. At the end of your post, introduce call-to-action, asking viewers to give feedback in the form of comments/shares/likes.

Promote your host website on your social handles as well. This will indicate a thankful gesture and also increase their traffic. Remember that guest blogging is symbiotic in its features, so it should benefit both parties. Say thank you to the host for accepting your offer.

The journey doesn’t end here. You must essentially track the amount of traffic of your guest post on Google Analytics. This will give you feedback on the type and variety of audience interested in your posts.

What’s in the bag for budding writers?

Guest Blogging is not only a useful tool for generating an audience but also for moving up in SEO rankings. It helps to build high domain authority as an individual blog.

When you’re ready to dive into the pool of guest blogging, you will experience an expansion in your network. Your reputation as a consistent writer is enhanced in the community.



It helps in increasing brand awareness and creating organic traffic. Everyone gets tired of boredom and reading the same stuff every day. So, when your guest post will feature on other websites filled with rich content it will generate organic traffic back to your own blog because the readers will get fresh information. This will, in turn, help you get new exposure. Promotional boost is also an important factor that occurs when your new readers share your guest post on their handles.

Hence, it is clear that a lot is in store for those who are beginners in the field of blogging. So, don’t hesitate to think that blogging has a low financial base. The strategy should be to use blogging correctly to build a financial base.

Keep creating content that is remarkable and appealing. Happy blogging!