One of the essential tips for finding a high payout slot machine is looking for a slot software provider. A lot of people mistook the idea of online casinos taking control of RTP for each machine. The truth is, the online sites do not control to dictate software providers that supervise the game sets. Software providers make sure that every game is different as many characteristics influence the RTP separately.


It is essential to have a thorough research about the RTP indicated for each game. Here are some of the highest payout slot machines you can start exploring created by the most reliable soft developers:


Book of 99

Relax Gaming is a great slot game that comes with a whopping 99% rate in RTP. The grid of the game contains five reels and three rows, offering a high probability of winning. There are ten fixed pay-lines to choose from.

The game features a wild book symbol that becomes the key to free spins, unlike most slots where the book substitutes regular symbols. Players can enjoy ten spins for free if they land at least three wild books. Another bonus factor is that for every wild landed by players, the meter fills up by one. Once the meter reaches 99, free spins are granted to players.


Mega Joker

This classic slot is still popular with many players despite being released five years ago. It is because of its 99% RTP together with its progressive jackpot that it can increase continuously. Agent slots online have no sign of difficulty in offering this game to more possible players. The graphics are simple and basic, focusing on the classical theme slot. The combination of RTP and random jackpot prizes are all players addicted to.


Monopoly Big Event

Monopoly is a popular board game mostly grown up playing by everyone and can now be played in its slot version, offering 99% RTP. It is a 5-reel, 20-Pauline slot developed by Barcrest featuring huge bonus rounds that give chances to players to spin up to 5 times. The game also features progressive multipliers, wild reels, locked wilds, and free spin rounds with a minimum of 96% RTP.


Ooh Aah Dracula

Provided by Barcest, this exciting slot game offers players the chance to be played in two different modes. They can choose between buying five-reel spins for a discounted price with 96% RTP or spending additional payment for another five spins with 99% RTP. Players can have the advantage of free spin rounds with a bigger chance of bonus benefits such as extra wilds. 


Blood Suckers

NetEnt provided this game, offering the highest RTP with an average of 99%. It features smooth graphics and spooky themes, with scary 5-reel and 25-pay line slots, making players love them even more. Each reel contains symbols of cloves of garlic, potions, and vampires to ensure the players’ interest. The base round offers great payouts, but players must continue to spin until they get ten more free to pull the most significant wins.


What is Payout Percentage?


If you want to be a keen player of slot games, you must know the importance of payout percentage to benefit you. Misunderstanding this information usually gives an unrealistic expectation to players of how huge the chances are to stand to win in the slot.


Payout percentage refers to the estimated total amount of money a slot could take up from players and become the winning payout to a player. The usual range of percentage is 75% up to 99%, depending on the slot offered by the provider.


Some players believe that investing money in a slot can guarantee a 99% chance of payout- this is a common mistake that needs to be corrected. A higher payout percentage doesn’t guarantee that you can receive the same amount back as a payout.


Different Variance in Online Slots

Slot variance or slot volatility refers to how often a slot is likely to give the winning combination together with its consistent payout size.


Variance determines the risk of how often you can win and how much would be its total. The perfect thing to do to know the game’s volatility is by playing it a few times. It will give you ideas on how big the risk factors of the game could have. Usually, games with more bonus deals tend to have high volatility.


There are three primary levels of slot variance- high variance, medium variance, and low variance. The same risk factors are applied both to online casino games and land-based casinos. Study each type of level to find out which variance suits you the best as a player.


  • High-Variance Slots

These slot games are the riskiest but promise the biggest payouts out of all levels. These are fit for players with hefty amounts of capital and are determined enough to take huge risks.


  • Medium-Variance Slots

These slots have closer features to high volatility groups in terms of chances of winning combinations and payout value. This level is also preferable to high rollers with significant capital to risk; however, they can enjoy small wins, unlike the previous level.


  • Low-Variance Slots

These offer more payouts frequently compared to medium variance slots. Only the big winning combinations are less often guaranteed. These are programmed to bet for small wins and are suitable for cautious players. You can start playing these slots without having significant capital on your account.


When playing your favorite slot games, you must be fully aware of slot volatility and RTP. These are beneficial factors, giving you the best value for the money you spend in playing. Choosing your favorite types of games can determine which type of player you are- either a conservative gambler or a risk-taker.