Toronto is a place of huge and majestic skyscrapers, museums, historical sights, and architectural beauties located on the coast of no less picturesque Lake Ontario. This makes it a great place to spend your summer holidays. 

However, summer is the time when you want to spend more time in nature, while breathing fresh air and enjoying the beautiful scenery. In that sense, you have nothing to do in Toronto itself, but around the city you can find many great outdoor activities if you hire a car. 

Let’s take a look at 10 hidden locations in Ontario that can be great spots to travel with friends and family.

Mono Cliffs 

Mono Cliffs are one of the most stunning green spaces in the province. It’s located 55 miles away from Toronto, so the journey by hire car will take less than an hour. The park covers an area of ​​732 hectares and consists of a 20-kilometer system of paths that pass through Niagara cliffs and offer stunning views of the picturesque local landscapes. 

If you choose the Cliff-Top Side Trail, you can walk along the moss-covered canyon thanks to wooden trails and stairs. 

Address: 795122 3rd Line E, Orangeville


Cyprus Lake Grotto

This location is so beautiful that it has been included in the list of the 11 most breathtaking blue caves and sea caves in the world. People from all over the province and the world come here to see the crystal clear waters and mesmerizing colors of this grotto. 

Although the water can be quite cold here, you should still take a dip in it! Getting to Cyprus Lake Grotto by car hire vehicle will take about 3-4 hours. If needed, there are campgrounds to stay overnight.

Address: Bruce Trail, Tobermory


Cheltenham Badlands 

This unique location may make you feel like you’re on rugged terrain in Alberta or Saskatchewan, but it can all be found in Ontario itself. This location was created in the 1930s as a result of a failed farming practice. 

For a long time, the territory was closed to visitors, and it could only be admired from afar, but recently it was decided to open it. Now you can easily pick up a car hire Toronto and drive there for an unforgettable outdoor experience. Moreover, Cheltenham Badlands is located just 40 miles from the city. 

Address: Caledon


Old Woman Bay 

Old Woman Bay is one of those rare places that make you truly admire the beauty of nature. Here you will be happy to enjoy incredible landscapes, two-hundred-meter cliffs and an amazing view of the lake.

Many people come there for the whole day to hike in such a wonderful area or just relax on the white sand beach. 

Address: Wawa


Bridal Veil Falls 

This rather neat and gentle waterfall, which really resembles a bridal veil, attracts many water lovers. Therefore, it would be a great idea to hire a car and go there with family or friends. 

Here you can happily spend the whole day swimming, sunbathing, enjoying a picnic in nature or taking a walk in the picturesque landscapes. By the way, there are other beautiful waterfalls nearby that you can explore. 

Address: Manitoulin Island


Long Sault Parkway 

The Long Sault Parkway is ideal for driving your hire car around Ontario. One road connects 11 separate islands on the St. Lawrence River, each with its own interesting sights. There are over 600 camping locations, many bike paths, scenic hiking trails, public beaches, private picnic areas and much more.

Address: Ingleside


Greig’s Caves 

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a short while, go to Greig’s Caves – here you can really retire and relax. The whole system of limestone caves will take you to a separate world of contemplation and walking. 

This option is suitable for hikers of all levels. The main thing is to bring flashlights and binoculars with you, as it can be dark in some caves, and at certain points outside the caves you will have an excellent view of the local landscapes. 

Address: 407 Scenic Caves Rd, Lion’s Head


Southampton Beach 

This location combines the motives of a quiet town and a stunning beach. Beach life is what has made this place so popular with water lovers. The sandy coast here stretches for 3 miles, and due to the shallow depth, the water quickly heats up in summer. 

Here you can also walk along the historic wooden platform, please children with several playgrounds and have a bite to eat in cozy local establishments. 

Address: 49 High St, Southampton


White River Walk 

White River Walk in Pukaskwa National Park is an amazing 10-miles-long trail that takes you through the dense forests of the local green area. Along the way, you can admire the beaches, waterfalls, bays among the rocks, as well as walk along the wooden decks and a gorgeous hinged bridge right above the river.

Address: ON-627, Heron Bay


Ouimet Canyon 

Dorion, Ontario has a stunning canyon called Ouimet. You can get there in a hire car in just an hour, following the Trans-Canada highway northeast. The canyon is three-kilometers-long and 152-meters-wide. 

The mile-long path will lead you to two observation decks offering breathtaking views. At the bottom of the canyon, you can see many rare arctic plants that will remind you of the ice age. So, it’s not surprising that the canyon attracts many travelers not only from Canada, but also from other countries. 

Address: Greenwich Lake Rd, Pass Lake