If looking at the professionals’ computer has always fascinated you, then this article is for you. In this article, we will share some of the best tips which you can use to turn a filled-up, cluttered computer into a new professional computer.

It is always tough to manage and organize the photos on your computer, but not anymore. Without any delay let’s take you to the steps.

Steps to Clean and Organize your Photos like Professional

Here are some of the best methods which you can use to make your computer clutter-free and organized.

1. Remove Duplicates

Duplicates in the system can take up a lot of space and make the system lag and look untidy. To make your system organized you need to first find and clean duplicate photos. When you don’t even notice the duplicates are formed and later it gets hard to remove them.

In most cases, when you store images in a different folder other than the original one. The duplicates are formed. They may have the same name and extension but due to different locations, they are considered duplicates.

There are two ways which you can use to remove duplicates easily from your computer. You can either manually go through every photo on your computer and then remove the duplicates or you can use dedicated software for making this process easier.

We would recommend you use software for deleting duplicates. The duplicate finder software works best in finding duplicates in no time. You can download the software from the internet. There is a lot of software available to use. Using the software all you need to do is scan your system and then after the scan is complete just delete the duplicates. The software hardly takes minutes to scan and present you with the list of duplicates.

While searching for the software, it is advised to read the offering of the software and its competitors too. As you can end up downloading useless software if you don’t have the proper knowledge.

2. Use Cloud Storage

Your computer has a limited storage space which will soon be filled if you keep adding every image to your system’s storage. To avoid such a situation you need to have separate storage space for all your photos and separate storage space for your important images.

If you want to save money then you can also bifurcate your storage and keep them separate in the system as well. This totally depends on your budget and requirement. The only disadvantage of having all your data is that it can make your computer slow.

There are many cloud storage platforms that you can use to save your files and folders other than just saving your photos. The data in the cloud storage platform will be safe and you can access the data anywhere with any device.

3. Use External Storage

Other than having cloud storage you can use an external hard drive to save your data. There are many drives available with different storage capacity out of which you can choose to have one according to your need.

Using the hard drive will not only ease the process of finding and sharing the files but can also help you organize your system in a better and easy way. You just have to plug in the drive to use it.

4. Title Every Image

This process of organizing photos can be tiring as in this process you need to manually name your photos for future ease. You might have stored many photos with the default name. There is nothing wrong with that too but it can make it tough to find the photos at the time of need.

We would suggest you to name the photos using the location and time frame. If you use a location and time frame then you can just search for their name in the search bar and the result will appear with the list of photos from that location and time.

If you think this method is going to be very long then you can skip this and use the next method. But for the photos which you will store now, you can use this method.

5. Create Separate Folders

If you have too many photos in your system and you wish to organize them then it can be very tough to use the above method, which is why we are listing this method. This is an easier method as compared to manually naming the files.

After you have selected the disk where you want to keep all your photos stored you can make a subfolder with the location and date/time frame. In those folders keep your photos of that time frame only.  This method will help you keep your photos organized and you can easily locate them when required.

Final words: How to Organize Your Photos Like a Professional on your PC

The above-listed methods will help you in keeping your photos organized and your computer fast. You can choose the method which you think is easy for you. If you follow all the methods then we can assure you that you will never face a problem locating your crucial and important photos at the time of need. We hope that you will find this article helpful. If you have any suggestions or doubts you can contact us.