Ever wonder why your puppy seems aloof? Or do you think about why your cockatoo won’t venture out of his cage? Pets can exhibit the same personality traits as humans. Pet personality traits are governed by the 12 zodiac signs, just like human characteristics are. Sometimes completing a natal chart may be challenging because we lack exact details from our furry friend’s births, but psychic mediums can always help fill in the gaps. Learning more about your pet’s star sign can help you build a more meaningful bond. 

Birth Charts

Free birth charts can be found online for you to fill out for your pet. However, if you are missing any important details, such as the exact time and location, you may want to reach out to a medium to see if they can help you get a better sense of that necessary information. If you adopted or rescued your pet, for example, you did an excellent service to animals, but you may not ever have the documentation you need without the help of a pet psychic. 

Charting Details

Finishing your pet’s birth chart is the starting point in better understanding your pet. To find your pet’s zodiac sign, you will only need their date of birth. To calculate their sun sign, you only need to know your pet’s birth date and the location of their birth, most of the time. But beware, a few days of the year require the hour and the minute to provide complete accuracy. Finding the moon and rising star, or ascendant, for your pet is a similar process; you will need to have the birthdate, exact time including hour and minute, and the location of the birth for your pet. To fill out the birth chart correctly, everything is reliant on birth details. Consulting a pet psychic will help fill in the gaps between what you know and need to know. 

Pet Psychics

Pet psychics can also help pet parents and their four-legged children communicate better. One of the significant benefits of completing a birth chart and using the details to learn more about your pet is to understand them better. Learning each other’s quirks is much easier with a guide. Because your pet cannot speak to you in a similar language, sometimes needs and wants can get mixed up. Unmet needs, just like in any relationship, can lead to frustration. Pet psychics can also better communicate with pets to address issues and concerns more clearly. Specific mediums can sometimes also speak with pets you have had in the past, depending on the nature of your request. 

Love Matches

Finding compatibility with your pet isn’t the only thing you can ask a pet psychic about. You may also want to know about a psychic love reading between two pets. Noting the traits of the signs of the furry friends in question is a good starting point for your query. 

Your pet benefits from the exact astrological details that you do. Using your details alongside theirs will help you communicate better and more clearly.