An engagement ring is one of, if not the most, important things you can buy in your lifetime, and knowing what to get can only be described as nerve-racking. However, it doesn’t need to be.

The most popular and traditional choice for an engagement ring is the classic colourless diamond, and there is nothing wrong with them… but they’re not pink diamonds. And pink diamonds make the most beautiful and romantic engagement rings.

Do you not believe us? Check out Astteria’s pink diamond engagement rings, then, and prepare to be blown away!

What are pink diamonds?

A pink diamond is a fancy coloured diamond, meaning it is a diamond outside of the standard colour range.

However, pink diamonds are different from other fancy coloured diamonds because impurities do not cause the colour of the diamonds. They are naturally pink. The pink colour is actually formed by a mixture of the trace elements found in the diamond and how the diamond’s lattice structure was naturally formed.

These trace elements that lay within the diamonds, causing this pink hue, increase the value and rareness of these gems. Making them all the more unique and romantic for your partner.

What to look for when buying pink diamonds

  • The 4C’s

Pink diamonds are evaluated based on their colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight. “Pink” is not a single shade. These diamonds come on a scale of 1-9, from the softest blush to deep darks, and whichever you decide on will impact your budget. For example, you may need to choose a smaller diamond if you want a deeper shade of pink.

  • Always ask for certification of authenticity to avoid fraud or scam 

There have been many examples of fraud in the past, such as selling lab-grown diamonds as natural pink diamonds. So always buy from a reputable diamond store; that way, you can ask for a certificate of authenticity, even for a small pink diamond. We recommend Astteria for any pink diamond shopping!

  • Decide whether you want a scientific modified pink diamond or a natural gem, which will vary in price.  

As mentioned, there have been cases of fraud when presenting lab-grown pink diamonds as natural. The issue with this is that natural pink diamonds cost significantly more due to their rarity. Therefore, it is wise to consider which is a more realistic purchase for you and your partner.

Now you know why you want to choose a pink diamond for your engagement ring and what to look out for when doing so. So now you get to the fun part- finding the perfect ring!

To give you a headstart, we’ve hand-selected some of our favourites from Astteria for you to start your search.


This beautiful ring features a 0.42 carat, radiant cut, GIA certified, natural diamond. Set in 18K white gold with 18 brilliant cuts. Anyone would feel lucky to have this ring on their finger. Especially with the side stones alone being 0.46 carat!


Next up is this elegant 0.19 carat, pear shape diamond, again GIA certified natural. It is set in 18K white gold with 19 brilliant cuts, with side stones at 0.27 carat. This is one that you won’t be able to get out of your head.


This undeniably gorgeous ring features a 0.51 carat, GIA certified natural diamond set in 18K white gold. It being a pear shape also makes it an incredibly flattering choice for an engagement ring.


This is another of Astteria’s radiant cuts, but this one features a 0.50 carat diamond set in 18K white and rose gold, giving it the most romantic feel of all of the rings mentioned. Again this is GIA certified to put your mind at ease. When you shop with Astteria, you know you are getting the best.

Pink diamond rings are, therefore the best, and the only choice for an engagement ring because of their breathtaking beauty, uniqueness, and romantic meaning. The pink diamonds used in these rings are scarce, naturally pink and very valuable, and your partner will never cherish anything more… especially when it’s an Astteria pink diamond!

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