For many, this Italian dish is a favorite. It is known and popular all over the world. But since this culinary creation is very high in calories and is most often found in the “fast food” section, it is not suitable for healthy eating or dieting people. Therefore, resourceful lovers have come up with a recipe for pizza deals in Islamabad without dough.

This delicious dish can be prepared at home. The most difficult moment is considered to be correctly kneaded dough. It is very difficult to prepare it. Let’s see how to do this.


How to make pizza without dough?

One of the cooking options consists of the following steps:

  1. Prepare all ingredients. Finely chop the onion. Chop the bell pepper in half rings.
  2. Fry everything until tender in a hot skillet.
  3. Place the vegetables in a baking dish. Add a layer of sausages or meat and cheese there.
  4. Then eggs are beaten, spices are added to taste and the whole mass is poured into a baking dish.
  5. Put in the oven for 20 minutes and grill.


There are also pizza recipes in which the dough is used, but it is as simple as possible to prepare it. It does not need to be needed in proportions and insisted for several hours, afterward tormenting with the organization of the form.


“Lazy” pizza

One of these options is “lazy” pizza. She prepares as follows.

Flour is taken – 4 tablespoons, mayonnaise – 2 tablespoons, and the same amount of sour cream. Add 1 egg and mix everything together until smooth. It turns out our base for pizza.

We pour it into a preheated and oiled frying pan, put vegetables, meat or mushrooms on top, and cover everything with a thick layer of cheese for taste. Cover with a lid and wait until cooked. It tastes like real pizza, and the method of preparation is more like an omelet.


Who can use this pizza?

Both options are ideal even for those who are losing weight. Only you should exclude mayonnaise, and leave vegetables and cheese from the filling Food Delivery in Rawalpindi.

Children will be delighted with such a delicacy. It is easy to make for breakfast and can also make a hearty meal.


Interesting Facts

  1. The very first pizza was a meal for the poor. The dough base replaced the plate, and instead of the filling, the remains of the food found were laid out.
  2. Strange as it may seem, but the residents of France rather than Italy value pizza most of all.
  3. The well-known “Hawaiian” pizza was invented by a Canadian.
  4. There are perfumes that have the scent of pizza. They are in great demand.
  5. One of the well-known companies has delivered pizza even into space. By making a good advertisement for myself and providing a hearty dinner for the astronauts



Pizza without dough is not a myth at all, but the most real and delicious dish. It’s easy to make at home without much culinary skill. This dish is suitable for the time of proper nutrition and will decorate the table during your favorite holiday.

Replacing semi-finished products with more natural products (for example, ketchup for tomatoes) can reduce the calorie content of the dish.

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