WhatsApp is the most popular and extensively used messaging platform in the planet, and has more than a billion users. While traditionally used for business communications, today the notion of using WhatsApp platform for business has also become common. The company has even developed a specialized WhatsApp Business solution that is specifically meant to be used for commercial purposes. With this platform, you can easily communicate with customers through instant text messaging, which has a way greater response rate than traditional methods of communication.

One of the most secure messaging platforms available today, WhatsApp Business is equipped with automations and tools to effectively sort customers and respond to messages. Much like the typical WhatsApp application, its business version also features end-to-end encryption. This simply means that only you and your customer shall be able to read the messages sent with the help of the app. There would be no other third-party looking into it. This provides the customers with the peace of mind that their important details won’t be leaked in any manner.


The specialized automations and tools present in WhatsApp Business, on the other hand, would allow you to deliver your customers an improved experience. Some of these automations include:

  • Away message: WhatsApp can respond to the customers automatically if they message you in a period that you have marked as unavailable.
  • Greeting message: Just like its name states, this WhatsApp automation greets your customers when they initiate the conversation and sends you a message.
  • Quick replies: With this WhatsApp tool, you can create templates that can be used while chatting with the customers. These templates generally are of certain common answers or phrases that have to be accessed and sent out by entering the / symbol in the chat.
  • Labels: WhatsApp makes it easy for you to keep a track of your diverse customers with labels. With this tool, you can easily structure and visually mark your customers. It can aid you to understand the current communication stage of each customer with ease. For example, you can use a certain type of label to mark ‘new customers’ and another one to indicate ‘Invoice sent’.


A good WhatsApp business solution provider can help you to efficiently use this platform for sales, marketing and support. Providing customer support through this platform is especially fast and convenient, and many patrons prefer it compared to writing an email or calling the company.