What is Heavy bags

The term heavy bag or punching bag is used to describe a very large piece of training equipment, a standard leather bag (either genuine or synthetic) filled with padding, which works for the good of boxing.

The resistance of the bag depends on the weight of the bag filled with sand or other material, as well as the quantity (and type) of the pad. Originally reserved for boxers or MMA fighters, these classic and functional equipment are a great help in general gymnastics, and prove that they offer a high level of boxing training to those who use them.

heavy punching bag for boxing pratics

Types of variety of Punching bags

Our punching bags come in a variety of sizes and styles. We have a variety of punching bags, such as bananas, teardrops, speed, double strings, and double Mexican style, and bag stands that can accommodate everyone.

Here are some of the different bag designs:

Classic Heavy Bag

The classic heavy bags is what most people often think of when it comes to the issue of punching bags in everyday conversation. Heavy bags are a staple for almost all types of gyms and health

clubs for their durability benefits.

Weight of Punching Bag

These punching bags can weigh from 70 to 150 lbs, and typically measure 13 inches around and 40 inches or more in length. As heavy as they are, bags should hang from the roof with chains, or specially designed heavy tents that retain stability during punched. The heavy bag stand is widely used in home gyms.

Uses of Boxing Bag

This type of bag is used alone or with a partner who can hold the bag as the boxer punches it, providing additional support and training to the boxer. Heavy bags are not just for competing boxers, most people use 70lb bags for physical fitness and cardio!

Banana Style Heavy Bag

The Muay Thai Heavy Bag called a “banana bag” is similar to a regular heavy bag but is too long to allow kickboxing training where the kick is placed at different heights. The bag is heavy and will not move or change as much as the traditional bag, which allows the kickboxer to work with the rhythm of their fighting style with a variety of punching and kicking combinations.

moreover, The length continues to allow the bag to look more like a real opponent, making it better suited to real combat training.

Banana boxing bag weight

Banana punching bag weighs from 100 to 130 lbs. when filled and should be hung from the ceiling or a good stand for a heavy bag with chains. Typical sizes are 13 inches wide and 72 inches long. The bags are made of genuine leather, synthetic leather, or durable vinyl material.

Free Standing Heavy Bag

The Free Standing Heavy Bag solves the problem of trying to determine which types of heavyweight punching bags, as it is the most flexible and most popular form in the gym or for private home use. The bag itself is a heavy bag for punching, but it is placed on sand or base filled with water. As they can be permanently repaired, a Free Standing Heavy Bag can be removed from the road if not in use, which means that at home it can be removed from the gym cabinet and kept safe on the road when not in use.

Pole Bag

A pole bag is often mistaken for a banana bag because it serves the same purpose, except that the pole bag is larger and heavier. The importance of the increased weight of the bag is that it should not be used as a hanging bag, but needs to be placed on a pole to be supported. It is important to remember that the bag is too heavy to move easily, so once it is set up it will always take up some room in the gym or private space for exercise.

Angled Heavy Bag

The heavy angled bag offers a wider upper than the bottom, which allows for the introduction of uppercut punches with a combination of punches and allows for very short hook punches to the right and left. The bag continues to provide the user with sophisticated feet as they adjust their fists and kicks towards the upper and lower parts of the bag.

Teardrop Heavy Bag

The teardrop bag is also angled, but with a subtle difference in width as the top is thinner than the bottom. The aim is to reduce the bag weight, which makes it swing over the traditional bag with a fist or kick. Swinging involves the movement of an opponent, as it does not stop at a real boxing match. When a bag changes, it requires the boxer to use the time and develop a planned series of punches, or punches and kicks, to keep pace with the bag.

Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag

The Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag allows for a variety of punches including punches, short jabs, and hooks, as they are shorter and bigger around than a regular punching bag. It tends to be more useful in direct boxing training than kickboxing or other various martial arts styles, as it does not provide a place to practice full-body attacks or kicks at different levels such as targeting thighs or lower legs. However, it provides high-intensity exercise for fast jabs and strong body punches.

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