A lot of times, sexual health is not even considered to be within the gambit of health issues, and the same goes for mental health too. Health issues are only taken seriously when the person physically manifests pain and needs immediate medical attention. For both sexual and mental health problems, they do not manifest right away, and sometimes, patients purposely try to hide their problems because they feel the fear of judgement from society. 


To a man, his sense of masculinity is very important because it gives him a kind of belonging, an idea of being one with the rest of the male population. Having a healthys ex life is an essential component of any relationship and as such, having a healthy system of channeling sexual frustrations is also very important. When someone is diagnosed with a condition like erectile dysfunction, they tend to view it as a certificate of their incapacity to be men, rather than viewing it as a regular disease that can be treated by using medicines. And this is where a man’s psychology tends to get affected because he considers himself less of a man and a human for suffering from a disease that inhibits his masculinity. 


These notions are very harmful and basically constitute a recipe for mental damage. Erectile dysfunction cannot be caused because someone is less manly. It has very little to do with sexist norms. This is why a sexual disorder like erectile dysfunction can have drastic consequences on the mental health of patients who are suffering from it, as well as sometimes be the reason why the patients suffer from it in the first place. 


Can erectile dysfunction be cured easily? 


People will be surprised to know just how easily ED can be treated and how quickly a person can return back to normal life. Erectile dysfunction is treatable by many different methods, the easiest of them being oral pills. There’s also surgery, prosthetic devices, injectable medicines, lifestyle changes, alternative therapies and of course, counselling. ED pills such as Fildena 100 mg are very effective against this condition. 


A lot of people may wonder why mental health is being spoken of when we are talking about something that deals with sexual health, and this is because any changes in a person’s sexual life can bring about significant changes in their mental state as well. 


How does erectile dysfunction affect mental health? 


Erectile dysfunction is not spoken about at all, because men think it is a matter of pride for them to be able to boast about their sexual adventures. In a culture where it is a matter of pride to be able to boast about getting laid, imagine the state of a man who knows that he cannot get hard easily, or that he cannot stay hard to finish. Of course, he would be tempted to think that he is lacking in many ways, and would therefore try his best to hide this shameful fact from others. 


This is not shameful at all, in reality, erectile dysfunction is the most common male sexual disorder, and statistics prove that the people we know and speak to every day may as well suffer from this. We would think that something so common would have a much greater dialogue about it, but sadly, that is not the case with erectile dysfunction. Men automatically think they will not be able to ever have satisfying sex or even have children when they are diagnosed with this. Fildena 100 mg and other ED pills can easily be used to treat this disorder, and men can go back to their normal lives. 


Mental health is not talked about a lot, especially in the context of men’s sexual health, which makes it a very sensitive topic to tread on. Many mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and so on, can increase stress in men greatly. When you are under a lot of duress, your body will automatically inhibit the production of enough testosterone, which will then make it much harder for you to experience any sort of sexual relief. Increased levels of stress will also hamper neurological responses and muscle relaxation, two very important components building up to an erection, this being one of the causes behind this disorder. This might force people to consume drugs like Fildena 100 mg and other generic viagras, in secret, to become better in bed. 


If your ED happens because of your mental health issues, it may be harder to treat.This is because if it is a physical complication, you can simply take medication or therapy for that physical condition and the ED would go away too. For mental health problems, therapy is not that easy or immediately effective either, so taking oral medications or other treatments may not really have any effect, unless the real mental health issue is addressed. This makes recovery much more difficult because it takes years and years of pent up of anxiety and depression and self esteem issues for it to build up to such a level where it manifests physically into an erectile disorder, and thus, it will likely take even longer to get out of that state of mental unrest. Therefore, it is not enough to simply take medicines like Fildena 100 mg. Proper mental counselling is also as important as any other aspect of recovery. 


How will I know that I have erectile dysfunction? 

Since erectile dysfunction is a commonly observed condition, it is possible that the diagnosis that you get may be a false one. This chance gets much higher when people tend to diagnose themselves with medical conditions based on what they see or hear or read, mostly from the internet.  

Yes, erectile dysfunction is very common, and therefore, you should be able to understand how and why this condition affects you. There are no set symptoms other than the most obvious one- the lack of an erection that helps the person have sex. It needs to be remembered here, that sex is a physical activity but more importantly, it is a physical activity that is the result of an emotional and sexual response. This is what differentiates humans from the rest fo the animal kingdom- while most animals have sex with the intention to procreate, human may not necessarily have sex to only have babies. In human beings, sex is stimulated, it cannot just happen in a standalone way, it needs to be coaxed and implied. This is why erectile dysfunction is viewed with such a stigma, because most people cannot always process the fact that the organ they associate with pleasure and with vulnerability is the one that comes under fire when they suffer from this condition. 

It should be noted here that if you are not sure that you are suffering from ED, please refrain from taking Fildena 100 mg pills on your own. 


What are some of the myths that are usually associated with erectile dysfunction? 


The numerous misconceptions about this disease have made it almost taboo to talk about it in a way that is helpful to patients and other people who may suffer from this. Now that we have examined the most important causes behind erectile dysfunction, it is time to debunk some of the most well known myths about this condition based upon everything we have discussed till now. Due to the existence of these myths, Fildena 100 mg and other drugs are considered to be recreational rather than medical. 


Myth 1: ED happens only in older men. 

Fact: ED can happen in a man of any age if he possesses the risk factors. While it is certainly more common among older men, younger populations do get to deal with it as well. 


Myth 2: ED is a natural part of growing old. 

Fact: No, ED is not a condition that can be called natural in any way. ED does not happen to all men. 


Myth 3: if you wear tight underwear, you are going to suffer from erectile dysfunction. 

Fact: while there is a certain relation between tight underwear and sterility, there is no such correlation between this and it being one of the reasons for ED. 


Myth 4: men who suffer from ED experience lesser libido. 

Fact: there is no research that suggests that patients suffering from ED feel lesser sexual stimulation that others. They probably do get stimulated but are unable to maintain their erection and therefore complete the process. Fildena 100 mg helps in maintaining an erection for a longer time. 


Myth 5: ED is a personal issue so it is not dangerous. 

Fact: all diseases are personal issues after all, they are all the patient’s to deal with, but this does not mean they are safe to live with in any way. If you suspect you have erectile dysfunction, do not live with it. 


Myth 6: The only way to actually treat ED is by engaging in lots of sex. 

Fact: this is a very paradoxical belief, because people who are actually suffering from the condition cannot have sex as and when they wish, unless they are under medication from pills like Fildena 100 mg or they are using other treatments. 


Myth 7: excessive masturbation can cause ED. 

Fact: there is no scientific claim to support this. Masturbation is considered a healthy way to achieve sexual release and does not lead to erectile dysfunction in any way. 


Myth 8: ED is more common among non-straight men. 

Fact: there is no scientific proof that supports this statement. ED causes problems for all men irrespective of their sexual orientations.


What are some of the mental health problems that men can face because of erectile dysfunction? 


There are multiple complex relationships between mental health and sexual health. To think that they are mutually exclusive would be very wrong, since they can be both causes and effects for each other. For example, Erectile dysfunction can indirectly be caused by mental health issues. Erectile dysfunction makes people believe that they are objects of ridicule, they should be ridiculed by society for not being manly enough, for not being able to do a very basic function. This is exactly why erectile dysfunction is not spoken about conventionally because it is something that potentially weakens men, makes them effeminate and therefore, makes them feel less dignified in their eyes as well as in front of society. This understanding needs to change, because right now, new literature is being circulated among mental health and researchers trying to see the relationship between mental health and sexual health. 


Similarly, when someone takes medications such as antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills, they can sometimes list side effects which can cause erectile dysfunction in some temporary way. This is why mental health can be linked with erectile dysfunction as a cause. It is even considered unmanly to take medicines like Fildena 100 mg to have sex. 


As an effect, of course, when a man’s confidence and self esteem come into question, it is very easy to develop depressive thoughts. When someone starts questioning their masculinity, which is from a very young age ingrained into young boys to be the standard of their character, then it is obvious that there will be a corresponding effect on their mental health. Since men are also not encouraged to voice out their emotions in many ways, keeping their inhibitions and anxieties inside themselves will certainly lead to self doubt, self deprecation and lead to negative thoughts. Some of the problems that people can develop psychologically because of erectile dysfunction include: 


  • Depression- when one continuously puts himself down and thinks that the reason for his bad sex life is he himself instead of his erectile dysfucntion, then it is very easy to fall into depression. Men normally bottle up their anxieties regarding their sexual performance and therefore, they do not appreciate when they have to compromise on their sexual pleasure due to any kind of disease. It is also possible that their partners may ridicule them for not being able to perform sexually, and this will lead to more self deprecating thoughts, which will ultimately lead to depression. This is why it is important to get diagnosed and start treatment under Fildena 100 mg or other ED pills. 
  • Anxiety- a lot of men anyway suffer from what is called performance anxiety, when it come to sex. This is because they try very hard to make the experience pleasurable not just for themselves but also for their partners, because of the way men are conditioned to be “givers”. This of course leads to a lot of anticipation and sometimes because of the build up of pressure, a lot of men find it difficult to perform. A lot of people simply take Fildena 100 mg just to ensure they do not have to be worried about their performance. If the man suffers from erectile dysfunction, sex in any way will be a sore point and something that acts as a constant reminder that the man is incapable of engaging in pleasurable sex. This can create a fear of sex itself in the minds of the men and thus, they will always be very cautious of any kind of sexual interaction. 
  • Sex addiction- it might sound weird that someone who has erectile dysfunction can become a sex addict, but the mind can work in strange ways. While it is true that all ED pills like Fildena 100 mg are prescription medicines and thus cannot be obtained illegally, a lot of people can still obtain these pills and take them before having intercourse to experience the effects, this is very true if the person has suffered from ED before, or is suffering from ED currently. Viagra is more popularly known as a recreational drug than it is considered to eb an actual medicine used to treat a legitimate sexual disorder. It is possible for men to take more than the required dosage of whatever ED pill is prescribed to them, to make up for their deficiencies in bed. This way, the person will compulsively have more sex to convince himself that he is sexually stable, and thus, can become addicted to both ED pills liek Fildena 100 mg as well as sex. 
  • Increase in stress: when a man finds that he is unable to get hard or maintain his hardness for long enough, he will obviously become very stressed because he will start to think that he is impotent or mauve “broken” in some way. The additional stress will keep limiting the production of testosterone, which is essential for proper sexual performance. Moreover, increased stress will lead to increased production of adrenaline which will increase blood flow but also not promote muscle relaxation, and thus, it will be more and more difficult for the person involved to get any kind of sexual relief in any way. This is where ED pills like Fildena 100 mg can come in handy. 


Men can also be pushed to suicide because of the stigma attached with erectile dysfucntion, in fact, there have been cases where men have committed suicide because they felt they were unable to live with this condition. This is obviously because these men were not equipped with enough knowledge that erectile dysfunction can be cured with something as simple as a prescription medicine that simply needs to be taken once a day. And this is why it is so important to address mental health when one talks about erectile dysfunction. 


How to cope up with erectile dysfunction? 


When you get diagnosed with ED, your doctor will always ask you routine questions about your family’s medical history to understand which medicine to prescribe to you. The doctor can also ask you questions about your mental health, to understand the cause of the ED and also to see how it has been affecting you. In this case, you might be advised to go to a therapist for counselling, since erectile dysfunction can have a disastrous effect on mental health, it might be hard to open up to a person about such intimate details, but it is advised to go to therapy regularly and perform little mental exercises to ensure that your mind is in the right frame to deal with the consequences that this condition will have on you and your loved ones. 


It is the job of the doctor to prescribe you ED pills like Fildena 100 mg, however it is completely up to you to continue therapy to make the medicine more effective. Sex is after all, an emotional response in humans. Until and unless your mind is at ease, Fildena 100 mg cannot help you relax and have a healthy sex life.