Better planning and seed funding for critical minerals processing will fast-track opportunities to reap the economic and strategic dividend of downstream value-adding.

The Australian Government’s Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing road map and grants program recognises the potential for Australia to share more of the extraordinary value of critical minerals in a rapidly changing global economic, technological and strategic environment.

Australia’s future success in critical minerals – as with other minerals – will be based on quality resources, homegrown expertise and our nation’s reputation as a reliable secure and sustainable supplier.

Putting Team Australia on the global critical minerals map will help attract the investment and technology necessary to meet the growing needs of global supply chains for critical and other minerals for high value products like batteries, solar cells and other innovative and early-stage technologies.

The Australian resources sector has also been an incubator of globally competitive industrial and technological innovations that have enabled tens of thousands of Australian businesses to grow and trade a diverse range of goods and services domestically and internationally.

Most of the 1.1 million jobs directly and indirectly supported by mining and the minerals equipment, technology and services sector are in a diverse array of businesses that have harnessed the skills and technologies in manufacturing, defence industries, automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, data analysis and communications.

The success of the METS sector proves that manufacturing in Australia can and should be efficient, commercially competitive and technologically advanced.

The METS sector should be fully integrated into manufacturing industry policy, programs and related plans and funding for manufacturing technology and innovation. The government should also continue support for bodies that enhance collaboration between the mining and METS sector and research organisations.

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