Newport Beach is one of the fantastic areas to live in if you are moving into South California. Catalina Island is just 27 miles away from there. Its picturesque view of the sunset on the mountain tops is enough to persuade you to experience the scenic beauty more often. Newport is located alongside the Pacific Ocean, snow skiing in the north, San Diego in the south, Downtown Los Angeles in the west, and the Mexican border a few miles from there. All this makes Newport an ideal place to live and work.

If you are interested to purchase homes for sale in Newport Beach, there are many options for you. Getting a house near Newport Beach is like a dream come true. The place has a lot to offer to its residents – fishing, surfing, boating, you just have to name it. The Newport Peninsula, Balboa Island, the Wedge, and the Newport Harbour are hotspots to enjoy. Newport Beach is teeming with diversity and opportunities. If you are concerned about your child’s schooling before moving here, then fret not! Be it schools, a dock for parking your yacht, or a boardwalk to ride your bike, Newport Beach offers many choices.

Things to Look for in a Beach House

  • Construction: Whether you live near the beach or not, being aware of your house’s building and foundations are essential before you even buy one. Having a weather-proof home is the utmost priority. Otherwise, it will be a wasted investment on your part. For instance, if the area gets flood occasionally, you should consider buying a beach house built on stilts. You should also look into the materials used to make the house strong enough to stand against harsh weather and rainfalls. According to FEMA, the best beach houses are built of concrete and durable wood. 
  • Property management and insurance: Most of the time, beach houses are more like vacation homes. If that is the case for you, you need to hire property management services to look after it while you are away. Property management includes pest control, lease agreements, land control, and maintenance needs. These can be expensive and should be taken into consideration while making a budget for buying beach homes. Make sure to speak with your insurance agent to know about your insurance rates.
  • The Beach: Is it not evident enough? After all, it is a “beach” house. The proximity to the beach plays a massive role in this case. Of course, there are specific pros and cons of living near the water body. For instance, the selling price of the house is more when it is nearer to the beach. However, it is also closer to water, and flooding is a very genuine concern. So, it is essential to know if a house is built with premium materials to minimize maintenance costs.
  • The durability of windows and doors: It might not seem like a huge deal, but the durability of your windows and doors is essential while buying a beach house. There are going to be several instances of storms and strong winds. Protect your home from potential wind damage by making your doors and windows hurricane proofed, to say the least. It will protect your house, lower the noise levels from outside, and increase energy efficiency.
  • Roofing: While buying a house, remember to check the roof. It is one of the parts that withstand a lot of adversities. After purchasing the home, the last thing you need is to find out that the roof needs to be replaced. The weather near the coastal areas can be very severe. Therefore, the right top is essential. For instance, a beach house with a metal roof is very efficient as they are wind-resistant.
  • Rental fee: Perhaps you are thinking about purchasing a beach house for renting it out. In that case, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider. For instance, if the maintenance and property management costs are high, it might be harder to rent the house. Also, bear in mind that homes with more than one bedroom are more likely to be rented than those with a single bedroom. There are some strict guidelines about renting out beach houses. So, ensure that you are following all of them. Also, look into the rentals nearby your beach house to determine the price range and how it aligns with your budget.
  • Location and neighbors: If you are looking for a peaceful vacation home, then perhaps having a frat house next door might not be the best bet for you. You also need to check how safe the locality is. Having a safe place and friendly neighbors is essential.

Final Take

Finding a reliable beach house takes a lot of time and energy. It is a significant investment, so make sure you are not getting into it hastily. Be patient, look into every guideline you can find, and then make a sound decision.