QuickBooks script error is one of the most perplexing errors encountered by QuickBooks users. Script errors can come out of nowhere. What makes them more troublesome is the fact that they give no clear message to the user and the cause is not well defined. Often these errors have some particular reasons, and they can become highly complicated to resolve. This blog can help you fix this error as this post discusses the causes and solutions for QuickBooks Script Error message.

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Causes Of QuickBooks Error Code 0

There are some particular causes associated with QuickBooks Script Error Startup. However, they are essential to understand as solutions revolve around fixing the causes. This section will discuss some of the major or, in this case, the only reasons to trigger script error in QuickBooks:

  • QuickBooks, by default, uses the IE(Internet Explorer) settings to connect with the Internet. Hence script errors revolve around Internet Explorer.
  • If Internet Explorer fails to release or execute scripting languages like JavaScript, then error code 0 gets displayed.

Now that you know the cause, a solution is in sight. Script error in QuickBooks can be easily resolved if methods are followed step-by-step.

Methods For Script Error in QuickBooks

Script error message popup in the QuickBooks might be troublesome, but this error has multiple solutions that you can try. The steps are easy, and not a whole lot of troubleshooting is required to fix this error. Follow some of the methods given below:

Method 1: Add Intuit As A Safe Website On IE

It’s important for the web browser to recognize Intuit as trusted. Not doing this can have consequences. Follow the process mentioned below:

  • Open the Internet Explorer, and in the Settings tab, move to the Security tab.
  • In the Trusted Sites column, add Intuit as a trusted website.
  • Unmark or Uncheck the HTTPS option.
  • Exit the Trusted Sites Window.
  • Untick the Enable Protected Mode option.
  • Quit Internet Explorer. Run QuickBooks again.

Your issue should get resolved. Suppose these steps don’t help you out; follow the next troubleshooting method given below.

Method 2: Clean Cache Data

It’s important to clear data from Internet Explorer to avoid problems or errors. Implement the method described below:

  • In the settings of Internet Explorer, move to the Browsing History section.
  • Click on Delete and choose History, Cookies, And Temporary Internet Files.
  • Click on the Delete button.
  • Click on Apply and OK.


This blog discussed the QuickBooks Script Error. We saw the solutions and causes associated with this error. There are some other things you can attempt, which are to run IE in Compatibility View, turn off Add-Ons in Internet Explorer, and clear SSL certificate from the Internet Explorer. Endeavor all the methods mentioned in this blog with precision.

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