You might have never given water damage a serious second thought. Well, unless there is a mold outbreak or water stains on the ceiling, no one really does. But by then you have already added a lot of expense to repair the damage that could have been prevented.

This work can be done only by the professionals. Here’s why you should contact them:

  • Special Equipment

The key solution to restoration of water damage is rapid drying all the way down to the core of the building. This process takes all of the high-capacity pumps, water extraction vacuums which are way more powerful than shop wet vacs or carpet cleaners, high-performance dehumidifiers, high-volume blowers, HEPA vacuums and air filters, and special deodorizing equipment. All of the inspections need sensitive leak detection and location instruments as well as meters that can detect moisture well past visible surfaces.

  • Skill & Experience

If you want the best outcome out of your water damage restoration, you will need an expert inspection, highly-skilled services, and a staff experienced in working with the insurance companies on water claims. There are a number of details included in drying, cleaning and restoration like when to remove baseboards, when and how to check for damp insulation, and how to use measurements in order to keep the drying process proceeding as fast as possible. This whole process takes a team of technicians from the best water damage restoration company in Potomac MD. This team will be certified in several specialties including bacterial and mold removal and microbial remediation. Other than that, the smooth proceedings of the insurance claims also requires a proper understanding of the loss documentation for proof of damage in claims filing.

  • Damage and Cost Reduction

You must have heard, ‘prevention is better than cure.’ Well, it is less expensive too. immediate proper water restoration done by trained specialists prevents against further deterioration. You might even be able to avoid replacing the carpet or the soaked hardwood flooring. However, neglect can lead to major structural damage. The cost of recovery can also be crippling if it is not covered under insurance. Minimizing the damage done by water is also time critical. The deep-down excess moisture also has to be eliminated as soon as possible so that there are no delays or mistakes. Even a few hours can make a huge difference for carpet, wood floors, mold growth, drywall and textiles.

Pulling up carpet, removing baseboards, cleaning, disinfecting and others can be quite a lot of work for you alone. You must be busy with other commitments like job and family already and you definitely do not want to give your little free time for this work. Hiring professionals can help you prevent the consequences of delays and mistakes and also provide you with peace of mind.

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