Got to some frightening looking suspension email from ebay. Assuming this is the case, you will cherish this guide. Since when you’re outsourcing on eBay, there’s a decent possibility you’ll have to realize how to manage a hold, limitation or suspension. Not on the grounds that you’re attempting to be a revolutionary or in light of the fact that you want to disrupt eBay’s norms – but since it’s so natural these days to commit an honest error. 

Unintentionally transfer a VeRO thing and … BAM – before you know it an email notice springs up on your screen… “Your eBay account has been limited for… ” 

The reason for this guide is to teach you about the most well-known sorts of suspension you could confront while outsourcing on eBay, and ideally how to dodge them later on as well! Thus, how about we begin. 

For what reason does eBay suspend dealer accounts? 

Here are the most widely recognized reasons you might be suspended as an eBay dropshipper. 

ID Verification 

At the point when you open another eBay account, it’s very basic to get a suspension subsequent to posting your initial not many things so eBay can check what your identity is. 

VeRO Violations 

VeRO is eBay’s “Confirmed Rights Ownership Program” which shields proprietors from copyright and brand name encroachment by vendors. 

As a dropshipper, simply hearing the abbreviation “VeRO” can feel like a solid punch to the stomach. 

Here are a couple of various kinds of VeRO suspension you may get: 

Selling fake/imitation merchandise 

This is quite possibly the most genuine infringement since fake products are harming to brands. Numerous huge brands enlist outer law offices to discover and seek after the producers and dealers of these products. 

Utilizing reserved pictures, logos or substance in your postings 

You’ll discover this happens regularly in the event that you utilize a bad quality mechanized outsourcing programming to reorder every one of the pictures and substance for your postings. 

Making deceiving or mistaken cases about marked items 

As a dropshipper, you’re to the least extent liable to encounter this sort of suspension. Notwithstanding, it could occur on the off chance that you duplicate another person’s posting depiction that as of now contains wrong data. 

Posting human remaining parts 

Simply joking, this isn’t normal. However, don’t go outsourcing any graves! You may take in substantial income, however eBay has composed a whole arrangement clarifying that you can’t sell body parts! So kindly, don’t do it! 

Bad seller execution 

Similarly as with any commercial center, eBay expects that you give an extraordinary client experience. In the event that you don’t, you could confront selling limitations, suspensions, and terrible karma. 

As per eBay, they expect that you are: 

  • Instantly settling client issues 
  • Delivery things on schedule and inside your predefined dealing with time 
  • Just posting things that are available 
  • Charging sensible postage costs 
  • Indicating delivering expenses and dealing with time in the posting 
  • Finishing your merchandise exchange 
  • Reacting to purchasers’ inquiries speedily 
  • Being useful, well disposed, and expert all through an exchange. 
  • Ensuring the thing is conveyed to the purchaser as depicted in the posting 

eBay has a couple of methods of estimating that you follow these assumptions yet it is principally by assessing what they call your imperfection rate alongside the level of cases that you have been not able to determine. 

Deformity Rate: Your “imperfection rate” is the level of exchanges that incorporate one of the accompanying things: 

  • PayPal Purchase Protection and eBay Money Back Guarantee cases that you have been not able to determine 
  • Scratch-offs of requests that are started by you as opposed to the purchaser 

You’re in danger of limitations or suspensions with eBay if… 

  • Over 2% of your exchanges have an imperfection 
  • Over 0.3% of exchanges are PayPal Purchase Protection or eBay Money Back Guarantee cases that you have been not able to determine 

Thing following and area issues 

Initially, eBay consistently needs you to utilize the following as it improves your client’s purchasing experience. So in case you’re outsourcing from Amazon to eBay, you can utilize Bluecare Express following as an approved transporter on eBay. 

Be that as it may, from the thing following, eBay can likewise see two things: 

  • Was the thing followed through on schedule? (you’re OK as long as it’s dispatched by you inside your dealing with time or meets the assessed conveyance date) 
  • Was the thing sent from the area you say it was? 

In the event that your things are reliably being conveyed late or being conveyed from an unexpected area in comparison to you state in your postings, you could confront limitations or suspensions. As eBay dropshippers, it’s dependent upon you to ensure you pick providers that have solid delivery. 

Posting refused things 

There are numerous things that are restricted from deal on eBay, however probably won’t be on the provider you’re outsourcing from. 

The absolute most regular things that dropshippers coincidentally list include: 

  • Blades (most aren’t permitted) 
  • Lock picking hardware 
  • Medical gadgets


Above you read about some reasons which may lead youtube to suspend your account, so keep in mind that point not to do so. But if still your account is suspended and you want an immediate solution. Contact eBay customer service phone number. Here you will be guided by professionals who are always available for you.