The R.A.H. Foundation is calling for the State of Emergency on Childhood Trauma. The goal for the R.A.H. Foundation was to have the great State of Ohio lead the charge for the entire country against Childhood Trauma and provide appropriate treatment for those who have experienced Childhood Trauma. The reason is both humanitarian and economical. The humanitarian reasons are clear as day – it is simply the right thing to do. The economical reason is that untreated childhood trauma costs the state millions of dollars each year.

As of November, California is now leading the charge by screening all children in the Medicaid program for adverse childhood experiences. California has dedicated $45 million for screenings and $50 million for the training of those conducting the screenings. The R.A.H. Foundation’s mission is to have the state of Ohio take the next step to set aside the budget to provide adequate treatment. By providing adequate treatment, the state of Ohio could save millions of dollars each year across many different areas that receive state funding.

The R.A.H. Foundations founder has a personal tie to this mission. Ronald Hummons suffered years of abuse as a child and understands firsthand the long-term effects of childhood trauma. Unfortunately, Ronald didn’t understand the effects until he had to deal with it again with his son. His son also experienced years of childhood abuse and because of this untreated trauma, lost his life in a suicide by cop – in which an officer, unfortunately, lost his life as well.  Ronald has dedicated his life to making sure that the world is aware of the devastation that untreated childhood trauma can have – and how early intervention can fix the issues that this epidemic is plaguing society with today. This isn’t an easy road to travel, but it is being complicated by the harassment and retaliation by members of the Cincinnati Police Department and other members of the local city government and media outlets.

Until June 19, 2015, Ronald Hummons was a respected Cincinnati, OH business owner and philanthropist. Ronald Hummons had been honored by the city, for his creation of Vision Caretakers Inc, an entrepreneurial program he launched in the Ohio Department of Correction, his Think Curriculum and film designed to help youth to identify the long-term consequences of decisions that they may make as a youth, and the many businesses he’s started that employed returning citizens from prison. After June 19th Ronald went from being Cincinnati’s baby to Cincinnati’s Most Hated.

June 19, 2015 – Trepierre Hummons died in suicide by cop.

June 30, 2015 – Ronald wrote an article that detailed his son’s earlier diagnosis of depression and his symptoms of manic-depressive disorder and PTSD but was never treated.

July 2015 – Ronald’s C-Town store was robbed while police stat in a patrol car across the street. Ronald started receiving death threats and the police stated that there was nothing that can be done.

August 2015 – Ronald started speaking out about how he tried to fight in the courts to remove his son through multiple custody filings as a child from a toxic and abusive environment with his mom – but the judge decided even though his mom was under investigation for child abuse he would not grant me custody.

September 2015 – January 2016 – Ronald left Cincinnati and went into hiding to give him the time to grieve and to receive counseling.

February 2016 – Ronald began working on the Strike back App, a suicide prevention tool for youth and adults.

May 2017 – Ronald attempted to get a city proclamation in to raise awareness of the need for Mental Health education and advocacy. It was not received well by the City of Cincinnati.

Nov 2017 – The Strike back App was launched in Cleveland because he was still receiving death threats and local organizations would not welcome the opportunity to work with him.

Jan 2018 – Ronald began making introductions and learning the operations of state legislation to prepare for the launch of his plans to make Ohio the first state to declare a State of Emergency on Childhood Trauma.

July 2018 – Ronald released his book Diamond to explain how his own life was started in violence and why he knew the pain his son was dealing with in silence.

September 2018 – Police Harassment increased in Cincinnati. Ronald started working with people in Cleveland and Columbus because there he was not ostracized because of his son’s actions.

December 2018 – Ronald Hummons staged a hunger strike to bring awareness to how serious PTSD is in youth and how much permanent damage childhood trauma can cause.

January 2019 – Ronald Hummons was illegally arrested after the girlfriend a Cincinnati Police Officer came up with the idea to use their friendship to retaliate. Ronald was beaten by both police officers and jail employees – only to be acquitted of all charges.

May 2019 – Ronald released his 2nd book Childhood Trauma – to explain why PTSD had to be treated as the State of Emergency.

September 2019 – Ronald staged another Hunger Strike and got the attention of Ohio State Senators and Representatives

October 2019 – Ronald had to file a lawsuit to attempt to stop the police harassment and threats from the Cincinnati Police Department.

November 2019 – Ronald and his team drafted a proposed declaration that would make the fight against Childhood Trauma a State of Emergency in Ohio.

December 2019 – Both Senators and House

Representatives have signed on to help sponsor a Childhood Trauma Bill.

As of today, Ronald efforts to declare a State of Emergency on Childhood Trauma is bill HCR.14 and is in the Mental Health Committee in the House of Representatives waiting for a vote in early Senate. For more information on the incredible, historical work his Ronald and his team are doing visit,