Facial Feminization rhinoplasty surgery in India is performed at Designer Bodyz, cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic in Mumbai, that helps to feminize a masculine-looking nose and help one achieve a feminine nose profile. This surgery corrects nose cosmetic defects and is also opted by many females and transgenders to get a more feminine nose in the masculine face or to bring the nose in harmony with other physical characteristics of the feminine face. Rhinoplasty is an important part of Facial Feminization Surgery, and the best approach is to simultaneously perform rhinoplasty and other facial feminization procedures so that the proper height and width of the nose, the angle between nose and forehead, and the ratio of the length of the upper lips and the amount of tooth visibility can be achieved as expected in a feminine facial profile. To know more about rhinoplasty cost in India, meet expert facial Feminization surgeon Dr. Parga Telang at, Designer Bodyz.

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