Picture this a phone goes off right in the middle of an office meeting and a blaring ringtone sound breaks the air. Now tell us you don’t immediately judge the owner of the device based on the sound you hear. As it turns out, you aren’t alone. But more on that later.

How ringtones changed the game

First, we were amazed by the invention of the mobile phone. Then we started getting endless choices on the sounds that indicate someone is trying to reach us. And today, there are millions of choices out there for ringtones. Isn’t it just a great time to be alive?

Researchers found that up to 96% of Americans own a cellphone and according to CNN, ringtones were really huge many years ago as they were one of the first audio products that could be purchased via your mobile phones.

Before smartphones became all about online purchases, social media, and keeping updated with current events, a ringtone was just about the most exciting thing about owning a mobile phone. And even today, people choose their ring-back options based on their unique preferences.

What does your ringtone song say about you?

The sound that blares from your phone when someone calls you says a lot about who you are. Here are a lot of ringtones you can check klingeltons graits and the possible message they send.

  1. The most current hit song for one thing, it gives the impression that your ringtone is very important to you because it implies you have to change it really often to keep up with trends. Many youths (or those that are young at heart) are guilty of this since it usually implies they have a lot of time on their hands.
  2. Christmas songs in April You’re probably not the most productive or focused person.
  3. Your own voice Those who make ringtones from their own voice are pretty self-confident. But from the perspective of others, they can be considered self-obsessed and a little annoying. This was according to research done by Tesco mobile.
  4. Forever on vibrate or silent You’re probably super busy and hate being bothered by your phone.
  5. Mechanical bells, Crazy Frog or other purposefully ridiculous tunes: You have a sense of humor and take pleasure in annoying people but generally, people don’t appreciate it, the telegraph opines.
  6. A classic rock tone: You’re probably really mature and you likely haven’t changed your ringtone in years.

The Tesco research also showed that people judge you based on your ringtone choice. For the study, more than 1,000 phone users were surveyed and it was discovered that people who used the standard ringtones were considered to be “uncool.”

What your music preferences reveal about you

If your ringtone happens to be a song, then chances are, you purposely chose one of your favorites. And this choice too can reveal some facts about your personality.

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology discovered that people responded to different types of music based on their personalities. For example, more adventurous and open-minded people often go for blues, classical, jazz and folk genres.

On the other hand, agreeable and low-maintenance listeners may choose from pop, religious, funk, dance, electronic and soul.

There have also been studies that show that people’s music choices reflect such parts of them as their age and values.

Information like these has shown that a lot of choices we make as human beings tell much more about who we are than the things we say. So if your goal is to make a good impression or you’re trying to be seen a certain way, you should think about more than just what you wear or say.

Things like the song you listen to and the tone that pops out from your phone can cause you to be judged long before people get to know you.

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