Fire alarms are found almost everywhere. You usually see them in buildings and institutions. They are installed for a quicker response from the fire departments in case of fire emergencies. When you pull the fire alarm, it alerts the fire department causing them to rush and kill the fire. But 98% of the fire alarms are false fire alarms and are not worth the effort and energy of the firefighters.

In 2012, the fire departments responded to 2,238,000 false fire alarms. Pulling a false fire alarm may not be a big deal for the person doing it, but it can have serious consequences. We recommend the installation of automated fire alarm systems UK to prevent false alarms. Some risks you may face are listed below:

Few of the Risks You Can Face

Face charges

Pulling the fire alarm with no good reason may not be serious in some parts of the world, but it is a serious offense in some countries and can put you in big trouble. If you are a student and pull the fire alarm at your school, you may be expelled or suspended from school.

Pulling the fire alarm is also considered malicious which can put you in jail for a year and you may have to pay for the fine and damages. Whether you are a teen or an adult you will be held liable for pulling the fire alarm and will have to appear in court.

Endangering others

When fire alarms are pulled, they make a loud sound. Though people should stay calm in a fire emergency, some still panic because of the alarming sound. The anxiety can cause people to panic which can result in injury or even worse — death. This experience can be traumatizing to some people.

Waste of money

Responding to fire emergencies will require fire trucks and a ladder truck. These vehicles require fuel and maintenance which is costly. It is a waste of money when fire departments respond to false alarms when there are no real emergencies.

The Hassle

Firefighters rush to the scene when they receive an alarm. Every second matter to them because fire doubles in size in less than a minute. Fire departments still respond to false fire alarms and treat this as an emergency. It is frustrating for the firefighters when they see no fire when they reach the scene. It is also disappointing when a real emergency comes in while responding to the false fire emergency causing an unnecessary burden on the firefighters. This is one of the biggest reasons you can go straight to jail for pulling a false alarm.

Payless Attention

People who are used to hearing these false fire alarms occasionally will tend to ignore them. This desensitization puts them at risk when they pay less attention to the alarm when a fire breaks out for real.

Final Word

Pulling a false fire alarm is an irresponsible act that causes immense frustration to the authorities responsible for your protection. It can result in panic and possibly loss of life.