Immunity refers to the persons’ ability to prevent the trespass of pathogens. The immunity system is also called disease resistance. Your immune plays an essential role. The main purpose of the immune system is to protect your body from infections, viruses, and bacteria. Do you know why exactly you need a healthy immune system? If your immune is not enough to bear or fight against bacteria and viruses, you will gradually fall ill.

As covid-19 or coronavirus, the pandemic period is going on;Covid-19 is a communicable disease. It is drastically spreading throughout the world. According to WHO (world health organization), when a person has a good immune system, or a persons is healthy, and then he/she can fight the disease. The immune system attacks germs and keeps you healthy.

So, if your immune is good, you can easily fight infectious diseases. Now the question arises if a person has not good immune how he/she can increase or boost their immune.

To strengthen your immune system, there are many immunity products on store shelves that claim to boost or support immunity. Therefore it has become crucial to find the best one.

Humans have three types of immunity-innate, adaptive, and passive:

  1. Innate (natural) immunity: every person is born with innate (natural) immunity, a type of general protection. For example, the skin deeds as a block to germs from inflowing the body. Then the immune system acknowledges when certain invaders are foreign and can be dangerous.
  2. Adaptive (nonspecific) immunity: Adaptive or active immunity develops throughout life. We develop adaptive immunity when we get exposed to the disease.
  3. Passive immunity: Passive immunity is temporary and borrowed from another source, and it lasts for short time.

Benefits of immunity products or boosters to fight infections

  • Immunity products are beneficial for seniors because they help to strengthen the body from within.
  • Immunity products can help to protect the body from various diseases.
  • These are made, keeping in mind the body’s requirements.
  • Consuming immunity products can refill a lot of natural nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in the body.
  • They help to speed up your body’s healing process, and you feel energetic and enthusiastic while doing anything.
  • They also abet in maintaining the body weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, digestion, body growth and many other aspects of being well.

There are two types of immunity products:

Natural immunity products: There are a lot of fruits and vegetables that can naturally boost your immune system. One of the easiest ways to improve your immunity is to have a healthy and balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, such as lemon, broccoli, kiwi, orange juice, etc. one another way to increase immunity by exercise or doing yoga regularly.

Many of the time it is not possible for us to cover all the essential vitamins and minerals in our diet. And our regular diet may not fulfill our regular requirements. You need not worry as many immunity products will boost your immunity level. Immunity products, as the name suggests, are specially designed to enhance immunity and can replenish all the necessary nutrients required by your body.