Salary of MBA fresher in UAE (1)
Salary of MBA fresher in UAE

A MBA degree holder has various evaluation points in terms of recruitment. For the last 7 years UAE has faced global financial crises and Job hunters are still worried about their future. These factors affected the job industry. When it comes to the point of recruitment, Job seekers face more challenges to achieve their desired job. The valuation of employees is based on their skills, knowledge, education and industry experience.

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What is the status of an MBA job in UAE: Job recruiter company in Dubai is mostly recruiting mainly Middle East and GCC. Finding a job is not easy in Dubai. If you are just graduating with an MBA degree and looking for a job then you just remember that you are doing a doubting task. 

The fastest way to find a job in the UAE is search on google and apply for high technologies and IT companies in Dubai.Don’t waste your time!! Make a CV with a covering letter.Here UAE assignment makers from UAE assignment help are sharing some important tips for job opportunities in Dubai:

  • Make your labor card and  health card.
  • Get the right visa for Dubai.
  • Know your skills and know your job market.
  • Check out your dream company 
  • Now apply online

Which Specialization is the best in MBA for Dubai: Getting a degree in Master in Business Administration is mostly a top choice who wants to change their job and get the highest paying job in UAE. They believe the credentials make them most demanding. Doing MBA with Finance and accounting specialization is the most demanding job in Dubai. But you can bring your future to a higher level by improving your skills,  knowledge and experience. It doesn’t matter in which specialization you are doing MBA. You may also like: Top-5 Job Oriented Course Demanding in Dubai, UAE


Salary of MBA freshers  in UAE:

When you are applying for any kind of job either in a company and bank, you should have experience in your field. Salary in a company is a minimum 4000 AED per month. It depends on company size and turnover. To be frank, if the company size is too small they will pay less salary. If company size is big then they will pay the highest amount of salaries.