Halloween is just around the corner and it is time for you to select a character and arrange your costume as soon as possible. Last-minute planning and shopping are both stressful and expensive. You have plenty of time right now to purchase your Halloween Costume and Party Supplies in advance and at cheaper rates. However, before you go ahead and start picking your outfit we suggest that you select your character in advance. This will make the entire process of shopping a lot easier.

In this blog, we have come up with a few characters that are just perfect for your Halloween costume. These are the fan-favorite ones as well as super scary. Pick your favorite and get ready to party:

  1. Clowns: This is just a classic Halloween character to dress up as. Even though clowns were supposed to be friendly, funny, and kid’s favorite but over the years, they have taken up the role of the scariest being out there. Of course, movies and TV shows have contributed a lot to this image transformation such as IT, Killer Clowns, Supernatural and the world-famous “Joker”. Even though he is not a scary clown but he is definitely a common choice for Halloween.
  2. Pirates: Similar to the clowns, Pirates are among the classic characters that are picked up for a Halloween costume. Movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Cutthroat Island and The Goonies are great for getting inspiration for your costume. Dressing up, as Jack Sparrow and imbibing his carefree nature and that amazing accent will give you and your costume an edge.
  3. Iconic Female Leads: The number of strong, edgy and crazy female characters that you can dress up as is endless. Harley Quinn, Black Widow, Shuri, Catwoman, Daenerys Targaryen are just a few that are on top of our list. These iconic characters have already set up a path for you to walk on. So go ahead, but their costumes, imbibe their vibes and have fun at your party.
  4. Iconic Villains: We have so many villains who have done a marvelous job of leaving a lasting impression in our minds. So many iconic actors played the role of villains that just took the character to a completely new level. Loki, the fan favorite villain with his amazing style to copy can be a great Halloween inspiration. Then there is Voldemort, Jafar from Aladdin, Red Skull, Cruella, Ursula, Strom Trooper are a few of the honorable mentions. Get the accessories, their costumes and you are set to be a great villain.