JAKARTA, investor.id – Optimism in investing in the capital market must be balanced with awareness to avoid mistakes that are often made by stock investors, especially beginners. One way is to choose undervalued or cheap stocks but still have an attractive outlook.

One method that is currently popular is finding cheap stocks more easily through the stock analysis research application, namely Emiten.com, with a 12-month subscription promo of only Rp. 229 thousand for research analysis on recommendations for BUMN, sharia, and other private-public companies.

Quoted from the official @emitendotcom account on Instagram that the number of applications used is very helpful to speed up analysis, as well as add other perspectives from investors and stock traders. It is not easy to find cheap stocks, it takes foresight and high consistency. Because not everyone has the time and capital, as well as the same experience and knowledge. Choosing undervalued stocks also cannot be done haphazardly and in a hurry.

“Undervalued stocks are the result of investors’ foresight to see how far the industry’s future trend is, calculating possible risks, and predicting changes in the company’s fundamentals while waiting for stock price increases,” said Denny Huang, CEO & Founder of Emiten.com, anĀ Issuer Stock recommendation application.

Since mid-2020, according to him, many stocks have been undervalued, but after being filtered repeatedly, it can be concluded that only a few multi-bagger stocks are safe and cheap, such as PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM) shares. “Then from the poultry and CPO sectors, there are MAIN and SIMP,” he said.

Furthermore, Denny said that in analyzing a stock, a broad and in-depth perspective is needed so as not to fall into the value trap as a result of habitual bias in calculating fair prices or stock valuations.

For example, PT Salim Ivomas Pratama Tbk (SIMP) shares are recommended at the level of Rp. 1,120-1,200 because with SIMP’s capitalization of Rp. 9.09 trillion, it currently has assets of Rp. 35.4 trillion, and 59.48% shares of PT PP London Sumatra Indonesia. Tbk (LSIP). So, in terms of valuation, there is a margin of safety for a fairly large increase and is supported by trends in the coming months, both from the recovery of company fundamentals, rising commodity prices, low supply productivity in the market, as well as policies on the EBT Bill, RED II from the European Union, and US President Joe Biden’s Clean Energy Plan.