The first step in digital marketing is to choose the right keywords for your business which involves a lot of R&D which is usually known as keyword research. It is a fact that Keywords act as a backbone while doing SEO. So, the question arises what keyword should we select for our business which can derive traffic to our website easily. We will discuss all the things which you should keep in mind while doing the job.

keyword research

  1. Select the keyword which directly relates to your business – If you are running a digital marketing company than all your keywords will be the services you are offering like SEO, PPC, SMM, Online marketing, etc.
  2. After selecting the keyword, make it as a long tail keyword because it is easy to rank in long tail keywords in short time as compared to the short keywords due to excess competition in the market.
  3. Ask this question if this particular keyword ranks at 1 in Google how much traffic you will get on your website and how much conversion is expected?
  4. Keep in mind that particular keyword should fulfill the demand of the user when land on website page using the targeted keyword.
  5. Also ask how much traffic you will get on your paid AD’s  if you chose that keyword
  6. Before selecting go for search volume and competition analysis. How many searches take place for that particular keyword and what is the competition status?
  7. Do check the present ranking of your website for the selected keywords
  8. Most of the time SEO professionals select the keyword which is easy to rank and not based on how much traffic it can bring in.That is the reason, so many times your website starts ranking but there is hardly any change in the website traffic or conversion.
  9. Last and the most important tip for selecting the keyword is think like a user. This means choose the query of a user as your keyword which a user will search on Google so that he gets directed to your website.

I hope the above points clarifies how to select the targeted keyword for your business. If you want to get SEO done for your business , Infotechzone is the best SEO agency which generates leads for your business and expands your customer base.