SEO has created quite a fuss in the digital world so is the Best SEO Services demand. Therefore, while navigating through the SEO facts and insights, you might have encountered the word “Slug” or “URL Slug.” But many people don’t know even a bit about it. This post will outline the necessary information about the slugs and SEO optimization of URL Slugs.

Therefore, let’s start with:

What is a slug? 

First, you should know about the URL.

A URL is a shortened form for Uniform Resource Locator and showcases the domain name (web address) of a page/ website/ file on the internet. You can see it on the topmost bar on your browser, for example,

Now, the slug is a part of this URL and serves to identify a page. To put it simply, it tells you what the content of a page is about. For instance, a page/ blog on your website is related to “high prices of sneakers.” Therefore, the slug of that page will be like will instantly describe what the blog post will explain.

It means it is an integral part of your webpage/ website, so do not take it for granted.

Now let’s find out

How slugs relate to SEO, and Why should you go for SEO optimization of URL Slugs?

As mentioned earlier, URL slugs tell what a page is in-housing. You already know that search engines are the ones to display a webpage as a result of a searcher query – dealing with SEO and ranking.

Thus, first, the search engines should know what the page is about.

Second, are the internet visitors that will navigate the page.

So you (or your hired SEO Services) need to write the slug necessarily.

It implies that the most straightforward and evident reason is that slugs are essential for SEO.


Search engines consider SEO-friendly slug while crawling and ranking a website to know what the page’s content is circling.

It should be user-friendly to interpret (at first glance) whether an internet visitor or the search engines bots are here to visit the page.

To insert this simplification and user-friendliness is actually the optimization.

Therefore, to secure high rankings, you have to implement the SEO optimization of URL Slugs.

But how?

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