Shopify and Magento are the most common e-commerce platforms for e-commerce website development in Dubai. Both these platforms rose to popularity as they offer reduced development effort and physical server cost.

When it comes to choosing between Shopify and Magento, you may feel confused. Though both are good e-commerce websites, the model, pricing, and programming languages are different. When you think about starting e-commerce, it is important to review both these e-commerce platforms and choose the best one. Here is the analysis between Shopify and Magento by one of the best e-commerce development company in Dubai.

The Key Features of Shopify

Hosted solution

Web hosting can be a real challenge when you are launching your website for the first time. If you are hosting a shopping cart, then it demands some level of technical support. You don’t need to worry about servers or databases as Shopify is a cloud-based setup and a hosting solution. 

Commendable Technical Support

Shopify as an e-commerce platform ensures 24/7 technical support. You can reach customer care whenever you need and they will pick the call on time.

14-Days Free Trial

Shopify offers a free trial pack that you can use for 14 days. You need to create an account by providing details and information about your initiative. You will get a 14-day free trial. You can test all the features of Shopify during the trial and you can add the product, create product variations, and create collections. 

Speed & Security

Speed is one of the major factors behind the success of an e-commerce site. A speedy e-commerce site helps to increase your sales. If your web pages load faster, then your site can retain the users. Shopify also offers the best security service as well as integration among the payment providers.

Own Payment Gateway

The e-commerce store should maintain an effective payment process for getting paid by the customers. Shopify deals with a variety of payment methods and is integrated with plenty of payment gateways. It offers no transaction fees and lower credit card fees.

Visually Appealing Online Store

Shopify has professional templates that help you to create a unique as well as visually inviting online store. While it is not limited to the online theme editor and offers a wide variety of themes. 


The Key Features of Magento


You can customize almost everything on your website. It offers a plugin for accounting, payment, processing, and shipping. Many businesses partner with Magento to build a site that supports their specific business needs and products. It also supports 3rd party integrations such as payment gateways.

SEO Friendly

Magento is Search Engine Optimization friendly and gives better visibility for your products on Google. If you create a website with Magento, it will be mobile responsive and compatible with all screen sizes and browsers. It helps you to get better rankings on search results and its features include SEO-friendly URL, meta descriptions, sitemaps, and positioning layer.


Magento offers hassle-free launches, efficient product migration, etc. All the data you create on your store will be stored and managed at a single backend office. It also uses the best robust caching tools and varnish that improves site performance. These scale up your online store and aids success.  You can easily update the extensions frequently.

Easy to Integrate

Magento boosts sales and ensures a pleasant shopping experience for your customers. It adds multiple services such as data applications, logistics, shipping, order tracking, payment gateways, and Integration of these third-party services is quick and easy with Magento.  As an e-commerce platform, Magento allows businesses to add Google tools, analytics, and Checkout.

Faster Loading Time

Reindexing is the process to transform data such as products and categories to improve store performance. The indexing strategy of Magneto is used to transform data by creating index tables and updating them regularly to increase query speed and the performance of the web store. Magento can handle up to 10 million page views every hour. People chose to use an eCommerce website development platform that loads within seconds.

Why Choose Magento Over Shopify?

If you are about to run a large store which will get lots of orders and larger earnings, Magento would be the better choice for you. If you have the technical knowledge and want free hand-over customization, then choose Magento.

Why Choose Shopify Over Magento?

For running a small store that has only a few products to sell and for drop shipping and syncing with multiple online store channels, Shopify is better. Also, Shopify is good for those who are new to e-commerce or website development. Choose the top branding agency in Dubai for boosting your online business and help your store progress in the e-commerce platform you select.