This silicone-coated film is exceptionally durable, ultra-clear, and perfect for mounting presses. Silicone coated film supplier supplies film coated with silicon n both sides, which allows them to remain stable for hot tables and Hot Vacuum Glass Press. Silicone coated film will last longer than release papers and has greater accuracy, which is why they are suitable for numerous applications.

Here are some of the characteristics and application and silicon bags benefits.

Characteristic of a silicon film

Silicon film has one very stable silicone release coat side and its HDPE(High-Density Polyethylene) discharge film/ BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene)/PET. It is mainly appropriate for hot melt adhesives and extrusion-coated goods. Also, the opposing side of its is corona treated so, and it is printed.

Silicone Coated Film is highly vertsaile as they have higher accessible release properties, and also they are highly compatible with a inclusive variety of adhesive. Thus, it is superior for numerous applications.

Benefits :

Multiple silicon film benefits are listed below, which makes them the ultimate choice for people.

  • They are appropriate for sensitive adhesive uses by functioning as the release liners and carrier films.
  • It has a high light transmission and heat resistance.
  • It compromises minor thickness tolerance, high transparency, fine malleability, and a low heat contractility rate.
  • They are manageable in several pet film thicknesses.
  • They are highly cost-effective
  • It has a high-quality appearance with superior smoothness, minor crinkles, no scrapes, zero dirt or crystal points.
  • It bid valuable and smooth, steadily coated films free from avulsions, bubbles, pinholes, crease, granules, etc.
  • It is environmentally friendly as there is no pollution or performance effect on the material.


Some of the applications of suing these films are:

  • It protects hot melt adhesive, coated on a carrier bag beforehand.
  • Automotive,
  • Medical, Label and Adhesive tape manufacturing
  • Pressure-sensitive labels
  • Applicable for numerous fields like IT/Display (Mobile phone, PDA & LCD), Electrical & Electronics.
  • Shingle release
  • Cast polymer materials
  • Manufacturing of ceramic capacitors
  • Window film
  • Electronic applications
  • Adhesive tape production
  • Required separation in storage & manufacturing