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DreamStation Auto CPAP Cellular With Humidifier & Heated Tube

The new Dreamstation machine by Philips Respironics is smaller, lighter and smarter than its predecessor the 60 series. Improving on an already popular design the machine can still be split from the Humidifier to become even smaller for travel purposes. The screen is now front facing and a larger size making it easier for patients to make changes or view their data.

Heated Tube Humidification

Philips Respironics have designed the new humidifier with ease of use in mind. The tank is easily removed from the machine and features am open top for convenient cleaning. This humidifier also has Dry Box technology, meaning it’s much less likely for water to enter the machine through the humidifier unit.

Bluetooth and Cellular Technology

Integration of bluetooth technology has allowed Philips Respironics to develop a free App which works alongside the machine. Patients are able to view their own data through the App to ensure treatment is working well. The Cellular modem which is also included enables wireless connection to the device, this means patients can now be monitored buy clinicians remotely.

Smart Ramp

Another new development allows the machine to adjust pressure even during the ramping stages. Smart ramp will sense if the user is having non breathing events and adjust accordingly.

A-Flex Pressure Relief

A-Flex will help mimic the users breathing rhythm making it much more comfortable to breathe in and out. With A-Flex enabled breathing on the machine feels a lot more natural and comfortable for the patient.

Automatic Pressure Adjustment

Being an APAP machine means this unit will Automatically set it’s own pressure range for the user. This means you can have peace of mind that the machine is delivering the right amount of pressure throughout the night.

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