Winter can be too harsh for your skin. The cool, dry air leave our skin dull, rough and dry. Some cautions that we take during winter to avoid exposure to less temperature can result into worse skin type too. Such as sitting next to the fire, taking hot or warm water in bath and applying excessive moisturizer can result in dry, pale and itchy skin conditions. The moisturizer let dust and pollutants attach to the skin that make our skin prone to irritations. There a lot of reasons for our skin to go through a bad time during the winters. However, here are some healthy tips that can actually help you out to keep your skin glowy and happy in the entire season. Most of these won’t even cost you an extra penny but still keep your skin healthy.

Pamper Your Skin with natural ingredients

We use moisturizer during winter on our face and also for the exposed body parts. But the dust particles and pollutants in the dry air tend to get clogged in the skin during this times. To clear the clogged pores of your skin, you can use many natural ingredients and most of them will be available in your own kitchen. The skin pores need to be unclogged and dead skin cells should be removed for which you would need things like coffee, tea bag, green tea, papaya, baking soda, and curd or yogurt. This will help your skin cells to stimulate growth of new cells. Your skin will look vibrant and glowing.

Keep yourself Hydrated

Drinking sufficient water daily can wash and flush out toxins from the body. It not only promotes a healthy biological activity but can also keep your skin naturally glowing and rid of dryness. It also helps to keep pimples and acne away. A full glass of lukewarm water in the morning in empty stomach can reduce fat, keep your digestive system fit and also help in marinating skin and hair growth.

Eat fruits and veggies enriched with Vitamins and minerals

Vitamin C is not only a great immunity booster but it also has many benefits for our hair and skin growth. Having vitamin C in our diet will make us fit to fight the viral diseases during this season too. You can also take boiled egg which is a source of biotin that promotes hair and skin growth.

Use a good moisturizer

Keeping our skin well moisturized is a must in winter. The cracked skin, dry and white patches irritate us the most. You can use home made moisturizer using coconut oil, ghee, or olive oil or buy from a well known brand to keep your skin healthy and glowy during the harsh winter.

Don’t wash face with hot water

Hot or very warm water can put a lot of bad effects on our skin. You can drink it or use for taking bath but don’t wash your hair or face with hot water which otherwise lead to have dandruff on scalp and patchy and irritating skin of face.

Avoid usage of Chemical rich soaps

Chemicals like sulphate and other basic chemicals can harm your skin texture during winter by making it more dry. The pores may easily open which will collect dust and pollutants even more. Therefore, use the soaps with less or no chemicals. You can opt for some soaps from organic front or make with homemade ingredient.

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