The cushion cut is one of the quickest to popularity among all diamond cuts. The cut has found a way to the hearts of celebrities and brides, who are now actively taking interest in this cut. Celebrities are endorsing the cushion cut diamond as one of the most fashionable shapes in diamonds at this time. Romantic and antique, the strongest point of a cushion cut is its ability to optimize the clarity and color of a diamond. So, if you are looking to buy a solitaire or a cluster diamond jewelry that has a cushion diamond on it, then you need to be mindful of a few things for the success of the purchase.

A Cushion Cut, through a Lapidary’s Eyes

A cushion cut diamond is basically a mix of two cuts, a vintage and a modern. The cut is designed using the concepts of the round brilliant and what we know as the old mine cut from the last century. The combination of both resulted in a cut which has the defining characteristics of soft edges and curved angles. In other words, the cushion cut gems closely resemble a pillow. One can say that an emerald cut is only a sharper version of the cushion cut, in some ways.

Does a Cushion Cut Have a Visual Advantage Over Carat?

A cushion carat may look larger than the carat weight of the stone because of large facets. The dimensions of the facets contribute to enlarging the culet of the stone. It also enhances the reflectivity of the cut by a considerable degree. Its large culet is partly the reason why cushion cut diamonds appear a little larger than the stones really are.

Is It Less Expensive than Brilliant Cuts?

That would be a resounding yes. Thankfully, cushion cut diamonds are about 25% cheaper than the classic round cut. The round brilliant cut diamond is the most expensive of all. So, pretty much any cut is cheaper than it. However, the rising popularity of the cushion cut denotes an imminent price spike in the near future.

What Are the Numbers or Facts That Tell If a Cushion Cut Is Good Quality?

Numbers are far too complex to go by unless you have a knack for them. Grades on the other hand are easy to understand. Stick to the Very Good grade for the right kind of polish, symmetry, shine and cut