Title: Part No. RJP30H1DPD

N channel IGBT is the short form of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor used for various purpose in different circuits. It is a three-terminal semiconductor switching device that can be used for fast switching and for traction control with high efficiency in many types of electronic devices. These devices are mostly used in amplifiers for switching/processing and complex wave patters with pulse width modulation (PWM) scheme.


Trench gate and also thin wafer technology
High speed switching is there: tr = 80 ns typ., tf = 150 ns typ.
Low collector to emitter saturation voltage is also present: VCE (sat) = 1.5 V typ.
Low leakage current: ICES = 1 A max.


To understand and to learn about the working boundary condition of the IGBT, let assume a voltage source VG connected to the positively to the Gate terminal with respect to the Emitter of the N channel IGBT present for testing. Consider other voltage source VCC connected across The Emitter and the Collector, where Collector is kept positive with respect to the Emitter of the transistor. Since J2 is in reverse bias there will not be any current flow inside the IGBT (from collector to emitter) that is transistor.Initially, or first consider that there is no voltage applied or present to the Gate terminal, at this stage the IGBT will be in zero charge stage. Now if we increase the applied gate voltage, due to the capacitance effect on the SiO2 layer the negative ions will get accumulated or stored on the upper side of the layer.


Motor drives both AC & DC
Uninterruptable power supplies
In induction Heating
Control of traction motors

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