LED Grow Lights

The many benefits and features of LED grow lights have made them a popular option for cannabis growers. For this reason, you can find many different LED grow light brands on the market. A challenge arises when trying to buy the ideal one. Spider Farmer, a company that sells quantum board lights, is likely to be one of the brands you have encountered.

Spider Farmer LED Grow’s Quick Key Features

  • Energy is efficiently used by it
  • The light produced is bright and intense
  • The casing is sturdy and durable
  • Intensity and brightness of light sustained over time
  • A variety of sizes are available
  • A water-resistant material
  • Provides a 3-year warranty
  • An excellent customer service team

Known for its energy-saving design, uniform light distribution, brighter and more intense light, and fanless construction, the Spider LED Grow Light is highly efficient. In this review, I will dig deeper into the features of this quantum board light to see if they are worth the price. Use Spider Farmer Promo Code to get exclusive discounts and offers on products and prices.

Design And Durability

The design and lighting features of quantum board LED lights set them apart from other LED grow lights.

The Types Of Light Used

The Spider Farmer uses full-spectrum lights suitable for cannabis plants at all stages of growth, from the vegetation phase to the bloom phase. Changing the spectrum is all it takes to make sure the plant is getting what it needs.

However, it is reflected in the Spider Farmer 600w review, as this model only provides a limited range of light. This product can only be used for seedlings and as a supplemental light.

Building LED Casings And Materials

For the manufacture of LED lights, the company uses Samsung LED chips, which are among the best LED chips created for creating bright and intense diodes. These are not cheap, but the performance is impressive, so they are worth it.

LED lights from the company also have uniform coverage, which is important to note. Therefore, the grow light is placed far from the plants, its light intensity is not disturbed as much. It is a great feature to have since you won’t have to worry about the plant’s canopy not getting equal amounts of light.

Spider Farmer’s casings are constructed entirely of aluminium and are heat-resistant. Despite the company using only aluminium, it is of high quality and ensures the product’s durability. If you are shopping from the authentic Spider Farmer website, then remember to apply the Spider Farmer Discount Code to receive exclusive rewards and offers on products.

Energy Consumption

Spider Farm LED Grow Lights have consistently delivered on their promise of power efficiency, one of the primary features they offer. Despite its 600-watt rating, the company’s cheapest light only consumes about 85 watts. Spider Farmer’s SF4000w LED Grow Light typically uses 450W, the highest of all the company’s LED grow lights. Despite its high-rated output, the device still consumes a small amount of power.

Power consumption is an indication of how energy-efficient the equipment is. In addition, you will not have to worry about your electricity bill skyrocketing every time you use the grow light.

Features That Ensure Safety

Despite not having cooling fans, Spider Farmer’s grow lights are equipped with an aluminium heat sink. It ensures the dissipation of heat and a cool environment. Quantum boards are also designed to lower the amount of heat produced by the equipment.

ETL and UL certifications indicate that the products have been rigorously tested and inspected. Keeping the product safe and secure is the only way to ensure it’s secure. To take advantage of exciting deals and offers on your purchase, use the Spider Farmer Promo Code.

Additional Features

A stainless-steel hanger hook and an adjustable rope hanger are included with the grow lights to make setting them up inside the tent easier. As well as plugs, the company offers different kinds upon request, which will prove to be helpful. There is no need to buy an adapter.

Water-resistant grow light models are also available. So you can water your plants and clean the grow area without worrying about damaging the equipment.

The LED grow light has no cooling fans, making it very quiet, which is good if you want a discreet grow area.

The Size And Configuration Of A Grow Light 

Series and Size

The grow light offered by Spider Farmer comes in a range of sizes. In terms of dimensions, the smallest measures 11.22″x9.66″x2.2″ and the largest measures 25.51″x21.1″x2.32″. For a full list of sizes available, please see the specifications box below.

There is only one series of grow lights offered by the company, which is the dimmable series. The grow light can be dimmed so that you can control the red, white, and blue lights. When it comes to the kind of light your plants receive, you have complete control over it.

What’s In The Box

You can expect to receive all the necessary accessories when you purchase a grow light from Spider Farmer. The growing light comes with an aluminium housing, an aluminium cord, a hanging kit, and an instruction manual.


Growing inside a grow tent or growing area with a grow light is straightforward. Easy-to-follow user guides are available, so you do not have to struggle with understanding them. The equipment will also be easy to set up inside the tent without using any special tools. You do not need assistance, but you can ask for help to speed things up and complete the installation quickly.

Warranty And Support For Customers

The components and parts of Spider Farmer are covered under a 3-year warranty. During the first 90 days, shipping and repair are free. After that, you will need to pay a one-way shipping fee and a repair fee. Once the warranty period has expired, this is done until the end of the first year of the warranty. From the end of the 1-year warranty until the end of the 3-year warranty, you will have to pay for 2-way shipping.

As long as there is no artificial damage to the light, the company offers a 30-day return or replacement policy. Customers can expect decent customer service from Spider Farmer. Any concerns or inquiries are answered as soon as possible, and they try to address them as effectively as possible. If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact the company at any time.

A Good Value For Money

Grow lights made by this company are not the cheapest available on the market, but they are still reasonably priced compared with other brands. It will cost you less than $100 for the cheapest model, while the most expensive model will cost less than $550. In exchange for the higher cost, it offers great features like brighter and more intense light and more efficient energy consumption.

Because of these features, and specifically the efficient energy consumption, the higher cost is less significant. Despite their higher price tag, grow lights are a great value because of their features and design.

What will be the Spider Farmer pricing and plans?

The full spectrum Samsung diodes are priced at 90$, and the grow lights are ranged between $299 to $559. They also offer kits for $500 – $550.


Why do you need Spider Farmer coupon codes?

Growing indoor plants is an expensive hobby, and it is best to keep your finances in check. These coupon codes bring you the best deals at their prices.

How do I apply the Spider Farmer coupon codes?

To apply the Spider Farmer promo code, add the selected products to your cart and proceed to payment. Next, type the code in the box when the final bill window appears.

What if the coupon codes don’t work?

The coupon codes have limited time validity and are only applicable to select products. Check the terms and conditions before applying them.

Final Thoughts

I give the Spider LED Grow Light a rating of 5 out of 5. Grow lights from this company are highly durable, provide excellent lighting for your plants, and consume very little power. If you decide to give this equipment a try, you should not be discouraged by the equipment’s high price tag, and the quantum board’s features are more than enough to justify the more expensive price.

A cooling fan is still better, even if a model with a heating element is safe. In any case, your grow light will never let you down, regardless of how experienced you are. Good customer service and a 3-year warranty are nice bonuses. Use Spider Farmer Voucher Code to get exclusive discounts and offers on products and prices.