2020 has been a very strange year in many ways. Certainly, it has changed the landscape of the B2B industry. However, with 2021 on the horizon, a new marketing tool might be just the thing to jumpstart your new year sales goals. Making the investment in a solid Canada company list can greatly improve the efforts of your sales and marketing team, as well as their efficiency.

A good quality Canada business directory can handle one of the age-old problems of the B2B industry: data decay. Data decay refers to the phenomena of data depreciating in quality over the years. If not properly updated, data loses its value and can become a liability rather than a help! Poor quality data can waste company time and weaken your business relationships. Outdated contact info may simply not be accurate, which can cost your sales team a lot of time,  not to mention create disappointing dead ends. Bad data can also harm your reputation and business relationships, as it can make you look less prepared when reaching out to prospective clients with the wrong info. At Scott’s Directories, we know the importance of fighting data decay. We only include reliable business contact information that you can fully trust in our Canada business directory. How do we do it? We go out of our way to make sure that our company has only the highest quality communication and top-notch data entry. Our business database is exclusively compiled and verified every year so that your team doesn’t have to worry about doing it themselves.

With Scott’s Directories, you don’t just get quality data, you also get a great quantity of the data you need. Our Canada company list won’t just help your team fight data decay, it can help them find high-value new prospects. We’ve been in the business for 60 years, and we know all about what information will be most important to improve your sales and marketing efforts. We’re not the leading database for B2B and marketing for nothing! We offer over 580,000 detailed B2B company lists and accurate and up-to-date contact information for over 1.2 million key decision-makers those companies. Our company list can provide you with the great new prospect information you need to grow your business.  We also cover a range of sectors, so that your team can find information on a wide variety of businesses according to their specific needs. Whether your team is looking for data on the educational marketplace, distributors, or beyond, Scott’s Directories has the information that you need. Start 2021 by giving your team the ultimate New Years’ gift of abundant and good quality data. You can even work with our Corporate Directory Data Specialists to create a custom contact list suited exactly to your business needs.