As the world moves closer and closer to a cashless society, it seems both fitting and ironic that one of the most prominent contenders in the mobile e-wallet space is called the Cash App. Users love it for its complete simplicity – add cash, spend cash. Rinse-wash-repeat – though with some discretion expected. But in that simplicity, it can be misleading, with some users abandoning the green balance screen that looks a bit like the phone’s dial pad. Below we want you to add cash to the Cash app so that you are never out of cash.


How to add cash to cash app?


Step 1: Open the Cash app and go to the Banking tab: You will find the Banking tab at the bottom left corner of the screen. By clicking on it you should be presented with many options from Add Cash to Link Bank Account.


Step 2: Link Your Debit Account:-


Option 1: Via Debit Card: If you have never added a card to the Cash app, you can directly dial how much cash you want to add and press. This will indicate adding a debit card number, from which point you can fill in your card details and make payment through the payment gateway.


Alternatively, you can scroll down to the linked bank account and tap on it to bring the debit card interface directly and fill in your details from there.


Option 2: Through online banking: If you don’t have a card and don’t remember the details, don’t worry. When the prompt comes to enter your debit card details, just click on No Card? And select your respective bank. This will open a secure gateway that you can use to log in just like any other net banking transaction.


Step 3: Choose your zodiac sign:-

Once your account is set up, you have the cash app balance to do all you want to transfer to your cashback wallet.


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