Do you want to add a new window to your shed? Well, whether you want to add a window in your existing shed or a new construction one, then you should make sure that the installing process is wisely planned. You can also take the help of professionals for the proper and optimum installation of the window in your shed. A bad decision of installation of a window or door in your shed will put your possession at risk.

Also, bad installation can lead to leakage and damage to your vulnerable items. Therefore, it is very important to take necessary precautions while installing windows into your shed. Windows in your shed can add light, provide ventilation and also uplift its visual appeal. If you are on a tight budget, then you can old windows and fit them in your shed.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the important steps that you need to follow while adding windows to your shed.

Step 1 – Select The Location

First of all, you need to select the location in your shed where you want to install the window. While choosing the location, you should make sure that they should be placed at eye level. Also, you should make sure that windows are supported by the horizontal members of the shed wall.

Step 2 – Cut Out the Hole

Once you have selected the location, then you should mark it with a permanent marker. Now, you have to cut out the portion from the shed to fit the window. First of all, you should take the drilling machine and drill holes at four corners. After that, you should take out a jigsaw to cut the hole and take out the marked portion on the shed wall.

Step 3 – Construct a Frame

You should add 2-inch pieces of square timber around the hole that you have just made on the shed wall. Now, you should cut the hole next to the horizontal section of the shed wall and it will become part of your frame.

Step 4 – Make the Window

One of the best and simplest ways to construct a window is to create two frames whose size is slightly smaller than the hole you have created on the wall of the shed. You can easily create 1-inch frames by using three-quarter-inch timber. Once the frame of the window is constructed, then you have to fit the glass windows inside these two frames.  

Step 5 – Rebate for the Glass

Now, it is time to cut the rebate for the glass of the window. Out of the two frames, you should cut a rebate in one frame for the glass of the window. You need a router, mallet, plow plane, and wood chisel for cutting rebate. It is necessary to cut the rebate at least ¼ inch deep. If possible, then cut it ½ inches deep.  

Step 6 – Fit the Glass

After cutting the rebate, you have to fit the glass. You should spread the linseed oil into the putty where your glass can rest. You should place the second frame over the first frame. Now, you should slightly press it so that glass compresses the putty. You should fix these two frames together. You should carefully fix them without placing the screw so that screws do not lead to scratches on the glass.

Step 7 – Fit Hinges

You have to install two hinges over the frame. Hinges should be installed on the inside face of the frame. Hinges allow you to open and close the window without any problem. With the installation of hinges, the window installation process was completed. But you should check whether it is installed properly or not.

Step 8 – Testing Of Window

Make sure that windows are opening upwards and inwards on the hinges. By installing a small prop in the frame, you can keep the windows in an open position.

Installation Of Old Window:

The above-mentioned steps describe the installation steps for a new window in your shed. In case, you have an old window, then the window installation process becomes simpler. If you have an exciting window, then you just need to cut the hole on a shed of similar size as that of the window. While cutting the hole on the shed, you should make sure that it can easily accommodate the window.

The shed windows can bring a significant difference to your shed. It can efficiently illuminate your shed and improve ventilation as well. If there are large gaps around the window, then you can easily seal them with rubber. You have to do rubber tubing tacked to the frame. You should do this by keeping the window closed. Proper insulation will keep the ambiance of the shed comfortable and cozy as well.